Monday, December 14, 2009

I know we've been LONG over-due for a blog post....and especially with the kind of news we have to share...

I just wanted to document that Quincy is officially POTTY TRAINED!!!!!
I seriously had my doubts about this day actually arriving.... and to tell you the truth there were moments when I was undoubtedly ready to throw in the towel. BUT I stuck it out and after one hard core week of 24/7 lock down in Potty Boot Camp, our home, we have finally achieved some success!
Quincy has now been accident free for about 4 days. This is totally monumental. Whoever thought we'd be diaper free if we only put in one weeks worth of time?
Not to say it was all fun and games... the first few days were horrible for me and I kept asking myself, "Is he really learning anything?" We had 5 accidents in the first day... and seeing as how we only had three pairs of underwear you can imagine the amount of times I was doing laundry just to keep this kid in some dry clean underwear! On day 2 I demanded that Tyler take us to the store and we buy at least 7 pairs!
Quincy got to pick out the kind of underwear he wanted... which as no surprise to us, he chose some race car ones. He LOVES them! This was motivation for him to keep his underwear dry because he didn't want to pee on his race cars.

Now that we're into the second week, he is at a point in time where he tells us when he needs to pee and poop. Though we still have some timing issues with the whole pooping thing. He's not always in time to get from that point of where he knows it's coming to it actually getting it out in the toilet. But seriously, there are no complaints from me. He has been dry every day and I have even braved him sleeping in underwear for his nap! He woke up one afternoon and I was sure his bed would be wet, but it wasn't. He then said to me, "Mom I need to pee." I thought this was his way of admitting that he had already gone, but he then informed me, " No Mom, I need to go pee in the toilet!" So we got him down from his bed and he actually peed in the toilet.

Our next BIG adventure is peeing in public restrooms. He sort of has this phobia of peeing in 'strange' public toilets. He is overly concerned about the toilets not having lids. He thinks they are not toilets unless they have a lid on the back. He is also a little terrified of the loud flushing noise they make. So we just keep practicing, walking into lots of public restrooms and explaining that they aren't 'scary'. I think he'll eventually be okay. After all, we're only on week 2 of being potty trained.
I love Quincy's ability to learn and adapt to new situations. We are so proud of him.

We're also excited about being 'diaper free' least until February... when we'll be buying three times the amount of diapers that we were buying last month.
Oh well, it's still exciting!!

Oh and lastly, as a side note... I have pictures from my camera that need to be blogged about, but we haven't had access to internet from our home( all my blogging stuff has to be done from an actual computer-- not Tyler's iphone, so we've had to use the apt. internet in the office)... and with all that Potty Boot Camp, it left little time for blogging. So rest assurred, we will be posting things as soon as we can.... now that we're able to venture out of the house!