Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Festivities... continued....

Just want to write BIG THANK YOU to all the Grandparents, Great grandparents, Aunts and Uncles who THOROUGHLY spoiled our boys. It was a great Christmas! For the first time Quincy was able to sit through the reading (or in our case summarized version) of the story of Christ's birth. We even had flannel board cut outs for the story which made it easier for Quincy to follow. He loved the Christmas story and also had fun doing all the silly Santa stuff. Christmas for our kids was truly magical.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas From the Howard Family!

We didn't do a Christmas card this year... so don't be offended if you didn't get one. I was able to manage getting a semi-decent picture of all of us.

So from our family to all of you guys....

Merry Christmas!

Love, The Howard's

Merry Christmas Eve... Santa Came to Town

Last night we were able to enjoy a visit from Santa. Each year on Christmas Eve Santa usually pays a visit to Quincy to confirm that he's good before bringing the rest of his presents later while he's asleep.

This year Quincy was pretty smart and honed in on that fact that Santa has a strange resemblance to Grandpa Loren. He in fact told us: "I think Santa is Grandpa Loren." Geez, we thought it'd be a few more years before he'd figure that out... I mean, the kid is ONLY 3! We said, "Santa has a white long beard and he's fat! Santa can't be Grandpa Loren." Quincy responded with, but they're like the same size (meaning height.)" We said... "You're nuts." And left it at that. I think next year Santa might need to be a little more clever... :)

After Quincy and Braxton were able to sit on Santa's lap... he took off to visit other little girls and boys. Before he left he did bring 1 present for Braxton and Quincy to open early. Quincy got 'I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham' and Braxton got an animal book. The boys also were able to open a gift from mom and dad (new jammies).

Tyler and Me.

Braxton helping Grandpa Loren with the dishes.

Getting right up in the action.

B playing around... look at all those teeth.

Braxton looking oh so sweet... Don't mind all the drool. He's working on some molars.

Me... working on some fudge for Christmas Day.

Braxton was not liking a picture with Nanny and Pappy.... every time we wanted him to smile for the camera he would burst into tears like this.

Grammie and Me.

At first Quincy was a little nervous about Santa, but he WAS excited that Santa brought him one gift to open early.

Quincy LOVES to read!

I love this picture of Braxton with Santa. He was drinking his night time bottle before Santa arrived and he kept periodically looking up at him like, "Man, this stuff if strong tonight... I must be hallucinating... there's some guy in a goofy suit and some long white beard. Crazy!"

Even in this one... he's looking at Quincy like, "Are you seeing this??"

The best shot we could manage with that bottle in the way.

B opening his new book from Santa.

Quincy giving Santa a hug goodbye.

Quincy loving all his 'stars'. :)

This picture makes me laugh because Braxton's face reads exactly how he felt... tired and unimpressed.

Everyone loves new jammies!

Hope all your Christmas Eve's were delightfully fun like ours!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving.

I'm not TOO late in posting this... I mean, Thanksgiving was only like a couple of weeks ago, right? We had a great Thanksgiving this year with Tyler's family. We left late Wednesday night after Tyler got off work around 5:30PM and drove all the way to Fruitland, finally arriving at 2:00AM! It was a long trip, but we managed. Thanksgiving day was the usual festivities: food, family, and football. I can't even begin to tell you how much football there was! A little too much for me, but everyone else had a blast. :) Quincy and Braxton got to meet there newest cousin, Rylie. Quincy liked that she was so tiny and Braxton was just dying to get his hands on her. He wanted to touch her SO bad, unfortunately.... he doesn't really understand the concept of touching nicely, so we had to constantly monitor him around her. Rylie is sweet... though quite a noisy little sleeper, grunting and 'talking'. :) We had a great time being there.
The Grandparents and Grandkids.
Our little Family picture. Don't look so happy Quincy...

Oh my.... look at that smile!

Braxton and Grandpa Kent.

Quincy's sad to have to leave Grandpa Kent.
Our attempt to get a cousin shot. :) Nearly impossible!

Quincy loves being the oldest cousin.
The boys getting in their quality Grandpa time.

What a sad face!
Eye see you!

Braxton LOVED Grandma Teesy's pancakes!

Check out our big boy... at least he thought he was one sitting up on that stool by himself. I love that his legs stick straight out.

Yummy food.... I forgot to take pictures of all the Thanksgiving feast, which was delicious, but this coconut cake was quite scrumptious as well.
Grandpa Kent's favorite job: Rocking the babies.

Baby Rylie: 2 months all 9 pounds!

Baby Braxton: 9 months all 22 pounds!

Grandpa "Duty"-- he may not be willing to change a diaper, but he LOVES to rock!

The new parents. :)

Check out those teeth! He now has 8-- which is why I am nursing no more!

All smiles around here...

Quincy chilling with his buddy, Grandpa.

Rylie working hard to get big and strong like all her cousins.

Quincy chatting up Grandpa Kent.

Braxton giving Uncle Derek a sweet little smile.

My boys.... just lounging around.

Look this way Braxton!

Quincy thought he was ready to go outside with Grandpa Kent in his basketball jersey and short PJS by simply adding some boots and a winter coat on.

It's so hard to believe that these two are only 7 months apart!

Rylie Fae and Braxton Kaleb.
Braxton is under the impression that Rylie is his new toy and he is dying to play with her.

THIS is what happens after a few crazy days at Grandma and Grandpa's house!

Thanks Grandma Teesy and Grandpa Kent for letting us share the holiday with you guys!