Friday, October 18, 2013


I have spent the last 4 weeks watching a good friend from our ward's little girls while she studies for online school. They are adorable and so well behaved. This is our last week with them and I'm sure the boys will be sad, as they truly look forward to our 3 days a week with "the girls". It's also been a lot of fun having girls in my home. They bring such a different vibe to the house and balance out my crazy boys quite nicely. We have had some killer dance parties, craft days, and awesome bike rides. 
In addition to having the girls each week we are so blessed to have great friends in the neighborhood who frequent our house with surprise visits. The boys were thrilled to take a ride in this bad boy one morning. B told me he wants to get a car like this for his "treat" for doing his school stuff. I informed him that he'd better ask Santa or maybe mom and dad for something like that on his Birthday. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

First game of the season... and a double header.

Quincy had his first game last Saturday. They all are held in a local middle school gym. They also take place from anywhere from 12-2:00 PM. Yes. Right during the little boys' nap time. This is why B looks so zoned out in the pictures..... 
His game last weekend was a double header. Two games an hour long each? Talk about high expectations for little 4-6 year olds. Our poor team was so tired out after their second game. First they played the Grey wolves. Then they played the Blue Blazers. (These are the two teams they will play all season long). 

Doesn't he look so grown up?? 
Not all the parent's were aware that there was a double header so some of the kids weren't able to play both games. Needless to say, we were short players for the second game which meant that the kids who DID stay were able to play a lot... but were tired from playing almost a whole hour. 
Things I've learned about this age group basketball:

1. They match the kids up with the other team using colored wrist bands so they better understand who they are guarding. Sounds good in theory, but at the age they all just swarm who ever has the ball. 

2. Our team definitely had the disadvantage in the game as they had never actually played on a full court or ran drills in practicing defense/ offense. 
3. Taking pictures in the gym they play in is IMPOSSIBLE with my camera. I take the flash off it's blurry, I leave it on, it's grainy. I felt so frustrated I couldn't capture a decent shot. :( 
4. It's hard to stay calm and collected when the other team is sitting 6 inches behind you and yelling and screaming the whole time. It was super intense hearing other parents cheering on their kids to take the ball from your child. I think I did a good job of cheering for the other team when they made a "point" as I did for our team trying to. Note to self: sit away from the crazy parents next time. It's sort of irritating to see parents encouraging selfishness, and bad sportsmanship at such a young age. One of our youngest players (4) felt really upset he couldn't make a basket and was in tears. His mom told me at our last practice that Q comforted him during the game. He told him it was okay to miss a shot and not to give up. It was a proud mom moment and to me, THAT means more than how many points were on the imaginary score board. 
5. They don't keep score at this age. I sort of have mixed feelings about this. Tyler and I are not huge fans of the theory that "everyone's a winner", BUT with that said... they are so young that ultimately I think NOT keeping score helps them focus on learning the foundation of the game rather than numbers on a board. 
6. Coming with snacks for the little guys was a LIFESAVER! This prevented a world of meltdowns. 

By the end of the game these two were lounging on the floor ready naps. Z even fell asleep just before the end of our second game. Thank goodness we have sound sleepers. 

All in all, it was painful and hysterical all in one. 
We can't wait to see how our team improves. 

Practice Makes Perfect.... or so they say.

It has begun. 

Quincy has officially started playing basketball for the past couple of weeks. 

Let the sports madness ensue for the rest of our lives. 
Commitments every weekend to games...
Weekly practices... 
Oh the fun of sitting on bleachers. 
I write all this in good humor though. 

Truly, watching my oldest son play ball is so much fun. 
It makes me happy to see him listening, participating, encouraging others, and building confidence in the skills he's already practiced at home with his dad. 
Tyler loves it too, probably more than I will ever understand since basketball has been a love of his ever since he can remember. 

Quincy is playing through the YMCA and so he only has practice once a week and games on Saturday's. It's not a bad start up gig for sports, especially for his age group. His team ranges in ages 4-6, with Q being one of the oldest kids on the team (though not the biggest). The 4 year olds have a hard time engaging, while the other's are trying to do their best at listening to their coach. There are 9 kids on his team. It's pure chaos for his coach. I feel bad for her. She manages quite well with the kids and even has her youngest son on the team (the reason she got roped into coaching- poor thing). I think she'll be relieved when the end of November rolls around. 

Overall we are quite pleased with Quincy's enthusiasm, he responds better to other people teaching him, other than his parents, and can't wait to see how well he'll be doing at the end of season. 
This rock wall in the gym they practice in is a HUGE distraction for the younger ones... 

Practicing dribbling skills, Quincy's done great in improving in this area. He's one of the fastest on his team, though he working on keeping control of the ball while maintaining a good speed down the court. 
This little guy wants to play too. 
In addition to this one as well. 
Kickin back on the bleachers. 
Practicing shooting. Although Quincy doesn't make the majority of his shots, he's got better form and is more controlled than some of the other teammates. I'm sure with time he'll be able to gain more confidence and sink those shots which are ALMOST in there! 

Voting on a team name... and the winner (which was an idea of one of the kids) is The Red Stars! 
Braxton and Zayden can be seen frequently on the floor breakdancing... ;)

And although they are too little to play, yet, they are becoming great buddies while watching their big brother play.