Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Clean teeth and spicy food?

Mid-October the boys went to the dentist. They did great, despite it being B's nap time. You can tell he's sleepy in the pictures.

Quincy did great, as usual, and even got his first x-rays. It was crazy to see his permanent teeth so close to his baby ones. Ah! He's growing up so fast!

After the allotted time for fluoride we hit up a nearby Mexican food restaurant for lunch. Clearly B is loving the chips and salsa. :)

It's so fun doing things as a family.
The boys also loved having their first shirley temples (pictured above.)

Photo Dump October

I just LOVE those blue eyes... and of course that adorable little smile!
 More lovin on Z.

 I hate not having a 'real' camera anymore. There are so many moments that I simply can't capture nicely with a camera off Tyler's phone. Any kind of movement results in creepy blurry faces. Sigh... why did I have to put our camera through the wash???

 FYI I don't approve of wrestling right next to a helpless baby!!

 I decided to finally try out skinny jeans. You see, I got those cute brown boots for $14.00 at Goodwill, brand new might I add, and I can't wear my regular jeans tucked in. Tyler informed me I was NOT allowed to wear skinny jeans and ballet flats, as he really hates that look, but he okayed the boots with skinny jeans look. Oh and I must confess that I LOVE them! They are so comfortable and living in a place where it rains 9 months out of the year the bottomw of my jeans are always getting soaked (I really should tailor my jeans). Now? No problem, put on the skinnies. :) 
 This picture of Tyler and I was before we went out for a date. A date which was meant to be romantic and instead we came back thoroughly creeped out. I was totally scared. Maybe too much of watching Grimm. ha ha I've become paranoid of creepy creatures in bushes at night.Well, that AND we heard something rustling in the bushes near where we were.... Ugh. **shiver**
At least the boys had fun playing with Grammie and Grandpa while we were gone. Thanks mom!

Boys. Boys. Boys...

This first picture cracks me up. Both of Z's big brothers think it's so funny to do goofy faces and they are often times mauling him. This time Z grabbed a handful of hair. Quincy said, "Ouch!" I told him that if he didn't want his hair pulled he better not get in Z's face so much. :)
Braxton had dubbed this face with the name: 'Big Eyes'. Clearly, it's a name well thought out.
 Quincy has lately become a fan of making silly faces for the camera. Then after I take the pictures he immediately wants to see himself.

 B loves Z... the two of them have a special relationship.

 Quincy reading us a book.
These pictures below are from a shopping trip. B is passed out and Q looks annoyed. Typical.

 Whatever one son does....
... the next ones follows with.
These pictures I took of Braxton one Sunday afternoon. He really can sleep anywhere and anytime. It's crazy. I would KILL to sleep like this.

September Photo Dump

We had such a beautiful September this year. So much time spent outside and in the sunshine.
 Tyler worked hard to build up Q's confidence in riding a bike. Tyler even let go once and Q rode 4 feet by himself before stopping, looking back and saying "Hey, how come you let go?"
 He will learn soon enough.
 There are hardly any pictures of B outside cuz he's always on the go... see him flashing by in the background?
 Tyler and I actually got to go on a date to the movies. It was a blast and reminded me of the dates we went on early in our relationship. :)

Sports park... sunday walk

See what I mean about "caging" them in? Nice and safe, no one around, and more importantly... no where for them to go. :)
Never happier than when they are on a pile of dirt!

Baby Z basking in the sunshine!
We definitely need to sign this kid up for soccer! He LOVES to run!

Best competitors... they love to race eachother.

Awwww.... I L.O.V.E. THIS SMILE!!