Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Boys. Boys. Boys...

This first picture cracks me up. Both of Z's big brothers think it's so funny to do goofy faces and they are often times mauling him. This time Z grabbed a handful of hair. Quincy said, "Ouch!" I told him that if he didn't want his hair pulled he better not get in Z's face so much. :)
Braxton had dubbed this face with the name: 'Big Eyes'. Clearly, it's a name well thought out.
 Quincy has lately become a fan of making silly faces for the camera. Then after I take the pictures he immediately wants to see himself.

 B loves Z... the two of them have a special relationship.

 Quincy reading us a book.
These pictures below are from a shopping trip. B is passed out and Q looks annoyed. Typical.

 Whatever one son does....
... the next ones follows with.
These pictures I took of Braxton one Sunday afternoon. He really can sleep anywhere and anytime. It's crazy. I would KILL to sleep like this.

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