Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baby Braxton Continued......

Braxton Kaleb Howard

Your new family LOVES you!!

We love your little nose...

Your small fingers.....

And your tiny toes.

We love your little face, it looks just like no other....

And Quincy claims to love you most, just because he's your older brother.

We love to give you hugs and kisses....

Hold your tiny body in our arms...

Your big brother Quincy and your Daddy will never let you see any harm.
Braxton Kaleb you are the cutest, happy baby as can be...
But we're the happy, lucky ones, who get see you join our family!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Welcome to Earth Braxton Kaleb Howard!

We have internet in our house at for a moment... and so I desperately wanted to update our blog to let you all know that we have a new member in our family!

Braxton Kaleb Howard was born February 10,2010 at 10:33AM via c-section.

It was a scheduled c-section, and so everything went very smoothly. It was much different this time around knowing what to expect through the whole process. I am fortunate enough to be blessed to have had TWO scheduled c-sections, due to my babies being transverse breech (horizontal), but not fortunate enough to be able to take ANY kind of narcotics for pain. I CANNOT take any of them... they all make me REALLY sick. I vomit and get really dizzy, which in the end I opt for feeling a little more pain and using a few less muscles in my abdomen to throw up. The nurses in the hospital couldn't believe I had a c-section and that I was ONLY taking Tylenol and Ibuprofen for pain medication. I explained that it wasn't too much of a choice for me. What's worse? Throwing up every ten minutes after you've been through major surgery in your abdomen or feeling more pain and being able to rest? They did try to give me anti-nausea stuff, after like ten different kinds a patch behind my ear seemed to do the trick. Having a lot of knowledge from my previous c-section helped this time around.

Braxton stats:
7 lbs 11 oz
19 1/2 inches long
Unlike his older brother Braxton has dark brown hair and lots of it (Quincy had hardly any and it was very blonde.)
Braxton does, however, have blue eyes like his brother and Dad.

We are so blessed to have little "baby B" (as we call him) join our family. I am truly amazed at the differences thus far between my two sons. Quincy was and still is an extremely independent child. Even from day one he required to be the center of attention. He is entirely too smart for his own good. As a baby was always very alert and demanded that he was given what he wanted (which often proved difficult for us as parents because we all know there are times when it's hard to figure out what your baby wants). We were constantly bouncing, rocking, patting, and moving him around so that he would just relax. Breastfeeding was a NIGHTMARE, at least for the first 2 months. Although I truly LOVE my first born child... he was a handful! :)

Braxton is already defining his personality. He is very calm. He seems content with most everything so far. Braxton is a good eater... on day 2 he appeared as if nursing was his second nature. He sleeps well; the first night he slept for 5 hours straight! The only reasons that Braxton cries are for hunger, gas, or a much needed diaper change.

I wanted to write these things down because I felt the need to record that Heavenly Father has answered my prayers. I have been so worried about being a mom of two children. I was so afraid that I would have two little boys with strong personalities and wouldn't be able to handle it. I kept silently pleading with Heavenly Father that I needed a baby who was a little more manageable. Braxton is an answer to my prayers.

We love our little boys! Quincy has been very receptive to his little brother! He LOVES Braxton and is constantly telling us: "He's SO tiny!"..."Hi, Braxton!" ..."I'm your big brother Braxton"..." I love you Braxton"... or ..."It's Okay, Braxton" when he's crying. Quincy is the best helper. He likes to be involved in getting diapers, wipes, bottles anything that we need him to do he's almost always willing to get. One of the sweetest moments so far was a night or two after we came home Braxton was sleeping in his cradle and Quincy pulled up his stool next to the cradle and proceeded to read to Braxton. He was reading his 'Eye Spy' book and would look at the pages and then say to Braxton, "Do you know where the ball is Braxton?" after waiting for Braxon to respond (and of course Braxton is sleeping) he would say, "Ok, I'll show you."

My recovery had been good so far. I'm up and moving and it's been a week. I'm not sure about my weight loss progress, but I'm fitting into many of my pre-pregnancy clothes already and it's only been a week. No complaints there!

All in all, we're happy to be home.... enjoying parenthood a second time around and are so happy about welcoming our newest addition to the family.

Will try to keep you all posted as much as possible.