Saturday, November 16, 2013

It Is Enough.


There are times I try and step back from my job and really observe my surroundings to see if I'm getting anywhere. It seems like any easy task, you know-- appreciating the little things-- but most days are overwhelming, with good (and bad) things, and it's easy to fall into the trap. The one that Satan lays for you. The one where sends countless "helpers" to discourage you in your journey of raising children. It's hard to have clarity sometimes. There are a lot of days I ask myself, "Am I doing this right? Am I doing enough for my kids? Are they going to turn out okay?" Some days I feel confident in my abilities and other days I feel doubtful.

Two weeks ago it was fast Sunday and, of course, Tyler and I were busy trying to keep our busy/ noisy boys quiet so other people could listen. I mean, we try to listen, but it can be challenging when you have little people who don't know how to whisper, or who want snacks, or who need to go to the bathroom and the list of needs goes on and on. About halfway through there was a string of primary children who got up to bear their testimonies. Quincy usually reads and is pretty good about being quiet, but at this point he seemed interested in all these kids getting up. Then he stood next to me and whispered, "I want to go up and bear my testimony, Mom." I was taken aback a little bit. First of, we never asked him to, he had just decided to all by himself. And second, I was hesitant about letting him go, as he didn't request that I go with him and I was leery that he'd actually be able to go through with it once he was in front of everyone. But how could I say no?

So I just let him go, curious about how it would all play out. I noticed that the bishop was about to have the podium raised, but saw Quincy walking up and stopped. I sat there watching as Quincy walked confidently to the podium and lowered the microphone to his mouth and proceeded to bear his testimony. I was in awe that he seemed so composed and calm and confident. And my heart of course swelled with joy during his brief testimony. It wasn't until night time that I had an 'ah-ha moment' and I can't even claim that I brought it to my own attention because it was Tyler who brought it up.

I spend a lot of moments in motherhood feeling unsure about if I'm going about it all the right way. And last night I received such a wonderful confirmation that I AM doing something right. Perhaps I'm not doing it all right ALL of the time, but I am making progress. I was able to see that progress... something I'm not always capable of getting. And it was wonderful. And it made everything alright. And it's beautiful how such a small and simple confirmation from the Spirit gave me the will to relinquish all doubts that seemed to be plaguing me.

Tyler asked Quincy before he went to bed how he knew what to say for his testimony. Quincy told him that he knew the first part and then he just saw the words in his head and said them. This bit of information made me feel even better about my mothering capabilities. My son was able to listen to the Holy Ghost and share his testimony with others. This gives me hope for the future.... that he'll turn out okay....and that, at least for now, I'm doing enough.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween

We had a great Halloween this year. We took our friends the Garrett's trick or treating with us during the daytime at the local businesses and then they showed us their favorite night time trick or treating neighborhood. We even squeezed in dinner at Applebee's after both the dads got off work. It was a little crazy with all the energy of 5 kids ages 6 and under, but we love hanging with the Garrett's and our kids get along so well it makes for fun adventures when we get together. 

My superman Baby:

My Batman: 

My Spiderman: 
Flexing his muscles... ha ha ha
And lastly, one with the mask: 
My Superhero crew: 

Our superhero/ fruit crew: 
Taking a pit stop to enjoy the yummy great harvest rolls.... delicious! 
Kyrie (The watermelon- this girl cracks me up!)
And Kaybree (This girl has the best laugh ever!-- the strawberry) 
We had a wonderful Halloween and can't wait for next year's adventures! 

Ward Trunk or Treat

Our ward does an annual Trunk or Treat, except instead of trunks this year they opted for an indoor version with classrooms. It was a little bit crazy trying to make our way through the crowded halls for the trick or treating part. Next year I'm suggesting they break it down for age groups. However, the cultural hall activities were awesome. It was set up carnival style and there were lots of games, prizes, crafts, treats and photo-booth sessions to participate in. 

We invited our next door neighbor's and their son to go with us. I think we all had a great time.
 Note, this is the ONLY picture where I have everyone smiling. 
It's a Halloween miracle! :)

The Pumpkin Patch

Braxton was thoroughly bummed out he couldn't go on Quincy's field trip so we had to reassure him that we would go as a family to the pumpkin patch. It was moderate temperatures and cloudy and honestly I was exhausted from a long week and not really in the mood for a pumpkin patch adventure, BUT some things must be done for family tradition's sake. So we went and the boys loved it and we came home with 3 large pumpkins. 

Zayden especially loved this slide and tried to climb back up it, unsuccessfully I might add. 

Quincy's First Field Trip

The Friday before Halloween Quincy had his first field trip. 

His class went to Bushue Family Farms Pumpkin Patch. 

I volunteered to help chaperone while my friend watched the little boys. It was interesting to see Quincy in his classroom. Watch him interact with friends. Observe him showing off a little or talking like the class's social butterfly. I have no qualms about my oldest child in school whatsoever. I do, however, remind him to be kind to everyone and be a good example. All of which I think he does pretty well-- at least while I'm there to see it. 

I also signed up to ride the bus with the class. Oh my goodness... two kindergarten classes, about 60 kids with approximately 10 adults... It was a little crazy. The kids were bouncing up and down in their seats and chatting to each other excitedly about their anticipation for the field trip. 

I will note that it wasn't one of the perfect weather days we had been enjoying all week prior, but the little bit of misty rain wasn't so bad. The kids got to pick out a pumpkin and small gourd, take a hay ride, walk through a small corn maze, make a dirt baby (home made chia pet sort of craft) and see some farm animals. It was a lot to accomplish in 2 hours. 

I was exhausted by the time it was over and all the kids had a lot of fun. 

The dirt babies-- his is just starting to grow hair.