Thursday, February 26, 2009

Busy part III

Saturday we spent with Tyler's youngest sister Kelly and her fiance Mike. They came over from Jerome to watch the girls High School basketball play-offs. Well, I should say that Mike came to watch basketball, Kelly came for that too, but we had some wedding stuff to plan also.

I have decided that my gift to my sister in-laws is that I will do their flowers for their weddings free of charge. It's good experience for me, and a great gift for them, seeing as how cost of labor adds up when there are many flowers involved. I have already completed the men's and boys boutonnieres. I also finished Kelly's wedding bouquet. It turned out beautiful.....but I can't exactly post pictures just yet. I didn't think it would be fair that everyone saw her flowers before she did..... so I'll just give you a sneak peak at the baby cousin's boutonnieres. This is the smallest of them for our soon to arrive cousin and nephew Jakoby (sorry Heather if I slaughtered the spelling... I think that's how your mom spelt it for us). It looks much bigger than it actually is because I zoomed in.

I love the tiny little boutonnieres for the boy nephews. They are just adorable. I'm sure they won't last longer than for one picture during the wedding, but hey I couldn't resist!

More to come later on the finished results for Kelly's flowers.
*****And just so you know Kelly, everyone that has visited our home and sees the bouquet and everything else thinks it's all gorgeous. So I hope you love them as well. :o)
Lastly, wrap up our crazy week, I sang a solo in church. To say that it went well would be generous. I walked up to the podium only to realize that I didn't have a full sheet of my music. As if I wasn't nervous enough.......By that time I was terrified that I'd forget the words and totally screw up. My throat was entirely too dry and I felt like I squeaked through a couple of notes. Lets just say I was glad to have ended it. Maybe next time, if they ever asks me to again, it will be better. Lets hope so......for my reputations sake!



I cannot wait to see the flowers!!! The one for Jakoby looks so cute! Good thing I'll be in Boise next week so I can see them! :) Thanks again!

lindquist said...

I wish I could have heard you sing! It was always fun having you as a teenager with your musical friends. You guys were always working on SOMETHING - wether it was school, church, talent shows.. I miss that. KEEP DOING IT! Use it or lose it sister!