Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits

It is hard to believe that this much hair came off my baby's head. I think Tyler probably had as much after I cut his hair. Quincy's been long overdue for a haircut, actually both boys were in desperate need of one. I finally broke down after looking at long shaggy hair covering their ears. It seems their hair grows just as quickly as I cut it, which is why I was holding off for a while. After all, I don't get paid to do it.

So, after this much hair came off......

This was the result. He looks bald as usual. I would be happy to cut it with the clippers on the bottom and use scissors on the top, like I do with Tyler's, but have you ever tried to hold a pair of scissors to a kids head? It's impossible to cut a straight line... which is why, until he's old enough to sit still.... we'll buzz it.

Tyler keeps telling me he wants me to buzz his head... he says this every time I mention the word haircut. However, I informed him that until his hairline recedes past the tops of his ears... I will not be buzzing it. I told him he has some hair, so he might as well own it.

Funny how much work and effort is put into this buzz haircut. First we have to cover his arms and legs; not because we don't want to get hair on his clothes, but because we can't have him reaching those arms and legs out to flail them. Next we have to have someone who entertains, this person is Tyler. He holds a spray water bottle in Quincy's mouth and sprays every so often to keep him preoccupied. Of course, there's the occasional head turn that Quincy throws in right when I'm about to cut.... or the cringe of his neck as I get those vibrating hair clippers next to his skull. It is quite the team effort. If only I had a girl... I could just let her hair grow... and grow.... and GroW and not worry about haircuts!

All in all it turned out great... but how could it be bad it was just a buzz?


lindquist said...

I think you do a great job. Boy haircuts are great. Our hairclippers were one of the best investments we've ever made. one time I tried to figure out how much money we saved by not paying someone to cut hair, and it was a LOT. Oh, all the money (or time) you'll save having a girl with hair to grow, grow, grow... you'll make up for in shampoo, conditioner, mousse, hairspray, hot oil treatments, pomade, scrunching spray, straightening spray, curling irons, blow dryers, diffusers, flat irons, hot rollers, hair clips, combs, picks, brushes, round blow dry brushes, rat tail combs, barrets, ribbons, hair grippers, ponytail holders, bobby pins, color, bleach, frosting kits, hair nets, shower caps, head lice kits, .....

Ya, you get the point.

Good times, good times.
I love you,

Kati Howard said...

Touche` mom, touche`!