Thursday, February 12, 2009

Damage Control.

How can someone as cute as this.......

................Manage to pull off a stunt like this?

Tyler only has his morning meetings for work on Monday's now so we slept in Tuesday. Well, I guess I should say Tyler and I slept in. Obviously Quincy was wide awake busy tearing apart his room! It wasn't exactly the thing I wanted to wake up to. We're lucky the curtains didn't catch on fire!
I've been busy working this week for Valentines Day. It's been crazy busy! I will be sure to post some pictures and stories later next week.
Happy Thursday Everyone!


Katie Stacey said...

whoa! totally know how you feel. I was just complaining today about how destructive savannah is.

lindquist said...

He was just trying a new look in his room... redecorating like his Mom and Grammie!