Wednesday, June 30, 2010


After we went to Dance Festival we came back to my parents house to visit. They have tons of raspberries and so we took on the task of picking some....

It was rare that Quincy's bowl was any fuller than it is in the picture above. He preferred to eat his raspberries instead of putting them in a bowl.

Although we picked many, we hardly made a dent in the berries that were ripe for the picking. I think we'll come up weekly to get some. They are great for freezing for smoothies and fresh ones are great for snacks too.

Many hands make light work.

Braxton chewing on some peas freah outta the garden.

Gotta love freshly picked berries.

Braxton's 4 Month Stats:

Weight: 18 lbs 7 oz (94%)
Height: 26.25" (84%)

Head: 17.5 cm (92%)

We basically found out what we already know.... he's a big boy.

And he's VERY healthy!

Braxton right Now:
Follows objects easily, whether it's across a room or in front of his face.
Likes to hold and 'drink' my water bottle.
Has found his toes and hands, thinks they are the coolest things ever!
Smiles frequently.
Laughs and giggles.
Is ticklish under his arms and under his ribcage.
Can sit with some support.
Has rolled over from tummy to back both ways but spontaneously.
Can support his chest and head off the ground while on his tummy very well now.
Can scoot in around in 90* angle on stomach.
Loves his older brother... is fascinated by watching him.
Is a Mama's boy...

Regardless of him being a chunk we love him... rolls, chubbiness, roundness and all. I wouldn't trade him for a skinny baby ever!!

His Doctor also said that because he's doing so well, hitting all the milestones perfectly and some a little in advance - such as starting to sit- he can start eating some rice cereal. Just a tiny bit, a few tablespoons each day. I think he'll be really excited for this, as he already enjoys sitting in the high chair during dinner time and frequently squeals until I relinquish my water bottle to let him hold it and drool all over it.

It took Quincy forever to get this big, and here Braxton seems to have done it overnight. I really wonder if he'll taper off at some point, or if he'll just end up being the bigger little brother.

Ahhh, my little baby is growing up too fast!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Warms the heart.

I often find Quincy and Braxton on the floor like this:

It makes me smile.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Photo By Grammie:

Wrestle Mania

Lately Quincy has been really physical.... I mean that in a 'I'm gonna beat you up' sorta way. He likes to rough house and wants to do it with Braxton. We've had a few close calls with him being a little too rough with B, luckily Braxton seems to take a minor beating well and hasn't been hurt....YET.

When Tyler gets home from work one of Quincy's favorite things to do is wrestle with him. Here they are rough housing....

I suppose that I should get used to it, all this wrestling and rough housing. But I don't have to like it! In fact I don't really enjoy it at all, that's why I keep hoping Heavenly

Father will send me at least ONE sweet little girl to do quiet, fun girly things with.

In the mean time... I guess I'll have to deal with the fact that I live in a WWF smackdown arena.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I hope they Call me On a Mission!

My brother Scott was called to serve in the Tempe Arizona Mission, Spanish speaking.
He reports to the Salt Lake City MTC on Spet. 1, 2010 and will be serving for 2 years.

We love you Scotty and are so proud of you!


I just cant get enough of these two....
They are often times very sweet to one another and other times they are driving each other mad. I can tell already that they will be great playmates once Braxton is old enough to hold his own and coordinated enough to keep up with Quincy, which at the rate B is going won't be long.

Lately it seems that they are bonding more frequently, which is quite sweet to be able to capture it on camera.
Yep, these are my boys.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Howard Family "Reunion"

Two weeks ago we headed over to Fruitland, ID to see all of Tyler's side of the family one last time before Heather, Trevor, and Jakoby move out East to Indianapolis. We are excited for their future adventures of Trevor getting through dental school, but sad that they will no longer be just within a days worth of driving.
It was so nice to see everyone while we were there. We didn't do anything too exciting, other than visit the Boise Zoo on Saturday. However, hanging out with family seemed to be enough fun for everybody.
Quincy especially loved riding the motorcycle with Grandpa Kent.
We could hear Quincy talking Grandpa's head off about a 1/4 mile away.
Quincy enjoyed lots of fresh air.

And pretend fighting with Uncle Derek.
Lots of it.............................

Braxton was happy to finally get a sun hat and have a chance to wear it.
Quincy partied hard each night and often passed out in the most peculiar places.... including Grandpa's lap.
Braxton and Tyler enjoyed being outside in the warm weather...
Quincy brushed up on his piano playing skills.
Practice makes perfect....
All the boys enjoyed watching lots of games, including some of the world cup matches.
In fact they often were found out in the driveway late at night playing multiple games of HORSE. I wouldn't ask who won.... I think there are different answers.
Aunt Kelly got in lots of practice holding Braxton in preparation for her baby, Rylie, due Occtober 10.
Braxton just chillin with Aunt and Kelly and Baby Rylie. That tummy makes for a nice cozy spot to relax on.
Boys will be boys!
Quincy enjoying some quality Grandma Teesy time....
It was so great to see everyone... hopefully we'll all be able to get together soon enough!

Dance Festival

Today was Dance Festival for the youth in 8 different stakes in Washington.
My youngest brother, Karter performed in the Dance festival in two dances, a Disco and Waltz. He has quite the moves!
Braxton checking out Pappy's hair.

Quincy and Grandpa Loren snacking.

Getting ready for the Waltz.
What you lookin at?

Disco Magic.
Scotty and Braxton.

Scotty and Quincy.
Okay, but seriously we thought he did a great job.