Saturday, March 29, 2014

Celebrating our Birthday Baby... who is now two!

It seems like the past two years have sort of flown by. 

Our baby is no longer a "baby" anymore. Zayden has officially turned 2 years old and he's developed quite the little personality. He is a cheerful kids, for the most part and relatively easy going. Although he does have a bit of a stubborn nature, usually revolving around anything that has to do with him talking. He's silly and competitive, always running around with his brothers... obviously he doesn't want to feel left out. He like cars and books and has just begun to try and talk more, pointing to things while we read and insisting on trying to repeat what I say. It's progress. He sleeps well, even sharing a room with Braxton. The two of them have a love/ hate relationship.... though don't most brothers? 

I am so happy that my Z has been a part of lives, our family wouldn't be complete with out him! 
I sliced open my cuticle while tying balloons. 
The price I pay to get mother of the year award. 
This year (since Z doesn't really care what themes his parties are) I decided on a sunshine theme. 
Jesus wants Me for a Sunbeam is one of his favorite nursery songs. 
He still loves music and that makes me really happy. 
So our food and drinks went along with the sunshine theme in terms of color or name (ie. capri suns, sun chips, sunshine fruit salad, cheese and crackers, deviled eggs, and an assortment of orange and yellow candies.) 

Grandpa Kent and Grandma Teesy sent Zayden's package in the mail mid-week and it's been on our fridge. He would point to it and say "pah" (present) "me!" I would have to respond with "Yes, that's your presents." It was cute to hear him talk and see him making connections. 
The wretched evil balloons. 
The lower left yellow one still had blood on the back of it where I was tying it. 
This year I made a Raspberry/ Blueberry Lemon Meyer cake from scratch with lemon butter cream cheese  frosting. It was pretty dang good and since it had four layers a thin slice filled us and them some. 
Digging in on his cake!

While we were lighting his candles for his cake he got really excited and said "bwo" (blow) and proceeded to blow our the freshly lit candles before we could sing. We all laughed and he was mighty proud of himself. So we lit them again and sang. He waited patiently til we were done singing and then with some encouragement from Braxton he blew them out. 
Opening presents was quite the project for him. each time he'd open something all he wanted to do was play with it. We had a hard time getting him interested in going to the next present. With a lot of work we eventually got through all his stuff.  


Thank you to all the family and friends who have wished our little guy a Happy Birthday on his special day. 
And thanks to my family who was able to come celebrate. 
We are lucky to have little Zee as a part of our family! 
Happy Birthday Zayden! 

St. Patick's Day Stud muffins

This year for Saint Patrick's Day we didn't do anything over the top, but we did eat some rainbow fruit kabobs and the boys looked oh-so-cute in their matching ties on Sunday. 

Zayden's mad because he wants more pineapple and blueberries.
 Can you tell which fruit he doesn't really care for? 


These boys are such a handful, but every now and then they get along so well and are so sweet to each other that I can just about stand it. 

Day at the Park

Every now and then we get to take these kids to the park and boy oh boy... could they get any happier?
 I don't think so. :)