Friday, July 8, 2011

Fourth Of July Weekend.

As usual we had a wonderful Independence Day weekend. Not only did Tyler get a day off from work because of the holiday, but my sister and her family were kind enough to drive up from Sacramento. We were so happy they could come to visit. Our boys were thrilled to play with their cousin. Those kids had so much fun playing and splashing in the pool, running up and down Grammie's stairs, chasing each other, singing, dancing, screaming and squealing, eating Popsicles, and staying up late. It was sad to see them go.... thank goodness we have a memory filled with fun times from this great weekend.
Quincy and Grammie.
Lexi and Grammie.
Just the Girls.
The Girls and the Grandkids.
The kids: Karter, Emy, Me, and Spencer.
Tyler and Braxton.
The Lindquist family.... and Scotty in spirit.
Lexi enjoying a Popsicle.
MMmmmmmm...... Popsicles.
Lexi found a great spot to read books at the Salvation Army while shopping with the girls.... right on the floor.
Whenever he's outside he's bound to find this toy...
Look at that cute belly!
Braxton and his favorite outside toy.
These two were a perfect match splashing around in the pool all day!
Awww... cousin love!
Braxton had lots of fun getting rides in the wagon.
Quincy having more fun splashing his cousin in the pool!
Braxton, Lexi, and Quincy.
Braxton giving Grandpa Loren a Flower.
Thank you for coming to visit us Toolson Robledo Family! It was a blast!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Howard Family Vacation

The end of June we had the opportunity to spend time at Tyler's parents' house. It was great because we not only got to see THEM, but we were able to see ALL of his siblings and their families. We even got to meet our newest niece, Taylee! It was great.

We spent time hanging out, watching movies, going bowling, attending the Weiser fiddle festival, Tyler played golf and basketball with all the brothers, we played tennis, we went to parks, and even hit up the Boise Circus Parade and Nature Center. The cousins blew bubbles, went for rides on the four wheeler with Grandpa Kent, watched lots of Disney movies, drew with sidewalk chalk, threw pop its, got glow sticks, colored with crayons, chased the dogs around, swam in the kiddie pool, and Quincy and Jakoby even got to watch the Cars 2 movie with Grandma and Grandpa Kent.
Baby Taylee.
Quincy and Jakoby.
Sleepy Taylee.
Cousin bath/plyatime!
(Braxton, Quincy, Jakoby, and Rylie.)
Braxton reading the newspaper on Father's Day.
Tyler on Father's Day.
Getting ready to hit some balls before church.
Quincy posing for the camera.
Braxton LOVED the trampoline.
Rylie's got some crazy hair!
All the cousins playing on the trampoline.
Perfect weather!
Braxton passed out...
... along with Rylie!
All the boys playing in the pool.
Braxton LOVES the water! Can you tell?
Quincy, such a good smiler for the camera.
Braxton and Jakoby deciding whether to get in the pool or not.
Playing at Mesa Park.
Tyler killin' it on the tennis court. :)
Braxton wishing he could play.
Look! I found a racket, Dad!
The shirt Quincy is wearing in the picture above is a shirt I bought for Tyler at Christmas this past year, but it was too tight for his liking... sooooo I tailored it down to Quincy's size. Perfect fit! My sewing skills are improving.
Quincy and Mom. :)
Baseball.... America's favorite sport.
B loved going for rides on the fourwheelers. Anytime we asked him where Grandpa Kent was he would look outside and say "buh-pa"  (his word for Grandpa).
Quincy always picks me flowers wherever we go.
Mike and Rylie.
Braxton loved running outside.
And of course following his favorite best friend.... Charlie!
Gradma Teesy and Rylie.
Playing hard = sweaty naps.
Kelly playing tennis.
Rylie and Grandpa.
Heather and Jakoby.
Braxton and Mom.
Tyler and Braxton.
My favorite 3 boys!
(Isn't it cute they are holding hands?)
B giving dirty looks about being in the stroller.
Quincy at the Boise Circus Parade.
All the girls.
(Heather, Me, and Kelly)
Derek and Braxton.
Trevor and Mike on baby duty. :)
The start of the Circus parade.... a definite false advertisement for the lame stuff to follow.
The boys loved the motorcycles of course.
Braxton was always trying to run out in the street.
Tyler and B.
Our family at the parade.
Not too pleased that he is not allowed to escape.
Quincy's new hat.
Me and my boys.
Quincy, Braxton and Grandma.
Fun looking at fish at the Boise Nature Center.
Beautiful scenery.
Happy Rylie.
We even saw a deer while walking through the outdoor part of the Nature Center. Pretty Sweet!
Pretty roses in bloom.
Among other flowers.
Kelly and Rylie.
B loves going down slides.... sometimes he thinks he can do it himself.
Quincy and Jakoby were best friends... and partners in crime.
After 11 days we were thoroughly exhausted, but it was well worth it to spend time making fun memories with family!