Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things

We recently switched Zayden into his forward facing car seat. He loves that he can see everything better----now and when I look back there this is what I see: 
Three little silly boys.

 I can't believe how big they've grown to be... Zayden will soon turn one, Braxton just turned 3, and Quincy will be starting school this fall! I wanted to take a minute to record all the silly, funny, and sometimes clever things they say---- 

*****This was the conversation I heard one night between Tyler and Braxton:
 T: are you all ready for bed?
 B: Yup, me gonna be dry tmrw 
T: You're not gonna pee in your diaper tonight?
 B: Nope. But sometimes me have to go poop
 T: You're not gonna go poop in your diaper are you?
 B: No. Me go in toilet in morning, cuz me full of poop. 
T: You're full of poop? 
B: Yup. 

*****An ambulance and firetruck drove by our house when we got home. 
Me: Oh no, what happened? 
B: Someone got shot
 Me: what? Why? 
B: Someone with a bullet. 
Me: Someone shot somebody with a bullet? 
B: No, someone shoot somebody with a gun. 

Apparently, here in Gresham B's first instinct is that people are shooting other people whenever he hears a firetruck, ambulance, or police car.
*****During church B says: me like your ring (referring to my wedding ring)
 Me: daddy gave it to me as a present.
 B: why?
 Me: cuz he wanted me to marry him.
 B: why? Me: Because I'm awesome. I wanted the ring so I said yes. And now I'm your mom. 
(B looks puzzled, but seems somewhat satisfied with my answer)

******Family friend grabs the ball and yells: I got the ball I get 90 points! I win! 
Q: No! You have to get 102!
 Ha ha... Our boys know how to get a win, even if it means changing the rules.
******We were talking about toucan birds and Q told us how they bring foods to their mates.
 T: what's a mate? 
Q: well it's like someone who cleans your house and stuff.
 K: that's a MAID.
 T: no that's right, mom does all that stuff.
 Q: No! Moms not a maid!

******Q: hey Braxton lets pretend we're having a party. There's cake, and ice cream, and tofu, and sherbet. What do you want? I'm gonna have the tofu. 
B: ummmm... me want cake.

******We did a little thrifting a few weekends ago and as soon as we walked into Deseret Industries B said: "No, not this store! Me not like this store. " Followed by a frowny face. He cracks me up sometimes. 

******One day I asked (sort of to everyone in the room) "where's my phone?" 
And Quincy responded with: "I don't know, it's not my job to keep track if your things." 
We'll played Q, cuz I'm pretty sure I use that phrase like 20 times a day when he loses all his stuff....

******As we were walking to the backyard the neighbors dog starts to bark through the fence and
 B says: "tupid dawg.... me not like him always barking. He needs to be quiet!" 
ha ha... I think he's herd me say a thing or two about that obnoxious dog, but what was most funny was that it was hilarious hearing something so mean come out of his little mouth. :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Braxton!

It's hard to believe that this little baby:
Got big enough to turn 1 year old...
And soon turned 2 years old:
And eventually grew up to be this little 3 year old: 

Braxton's 3 Year Stats: 
Weight: 33 lbs ( 63%)
Height:  37.25" (43%) 
Braxton is such a funny little kid. He's not overly demanding and usually just goes with the flow. Recently he's developed a sense of humor. He recognizes when things are funny and laughs at jokes. He is making lots of observations about his surroundings and has recently has made it a point to inform us of all this knowledge. I'm happy he's starting to show an interest in talking more. 

I'm still trying to get him to use first person, since he usually refers to what he's doing with "me want more food" or "me like that". I remind him that he should say "I", but it's forgotten the second he remind him. He's a good big brother to Zayden, although he can get frustrated when Z tears down his towers or tries to take certain cars that he's playing with. 

Braxton has almost learned to sing the entire ABC song by himself... though it can be difficult to understand some of what he's singing. He is recognizing letters and always makes a point in telling us when he sees a letter B that that is his name. I asked him what he wanted for to do for his birthday and this is what he came up with:
So we did exactly what he wanted.... 
His Birthday Cake request was that it had to have strawberries on it. I made a chocolate double layered brownie cake with cream cheese frosting, with strawberries and blackberries on it in the shape of a B. He was so happy and even recognized that it was "his" letter. :) 

His lunch request was grilled cheese sandwiches with craisins. 
Oh so happy. :) 

Cake time. He loved having this in the middle of the day, right after lunch. 

He blew out each of his candles one at a time... after us telling him not to spit on the cake when he blew them out. 

Yum. It was delicious and Braxton told me it was "SO GOOD!" 
The whole gang of boys trying to get in on the opening presents action. 
I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he said cars. This is by far the only toys that get played with  the most. 
Grandpa Kent got him an orange Lamborghini.   

Poor Z wanted to help open present so bad. B wasn't having it. 
They are all excited about the new cars. 

After going to the library and checking out new books we headed down to Clackamas for dinner at Pizza Hut. 

Killing time while our pizza arrived.... 


After Pizza we went over to JJ's Jump House. Braxton has been wanting to go here for a while now. It was only open later from 7-9:00PM (which normally is when they're getting ready for bed) but we decided since it was his huge birthday request we'd go ahead and brave a late night. The boys were SERIOUSLY in heaven. There was running, jumping, climbing, and lots or falling down, but they couldn't have been happier. We ended up leaving at 8:30PM and making the drive home, but everyone had a great day. 

The next day (Sunday-- his actual birthday) he got more presents at Grammie and Grandpa's house 4 new books and finger paints. He really liked the 3D Eye Spy book, a Tractor book with a moving tractor inside it, and of course a book about trucks. B has really taken a liking to reading recently, which makes me so happy. 

20 Questions-- All About Braxton at 3 years old:
1.       What’s your favorite color? green
2.       What’s your favorite toy? Red hummer car
3.       What’s your favorite fruit? Pears
4.       What’s your favorite TV show? Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
5.       What’s your favorite lunch? Peanut butter and honey sandwiches
6.       What’s your favorite outfit? Basketball jerseys
7.       What’s your favorite game? Painting game on the computer
8.       What’s your favorite snack? Carrots and craisins
9.       What’s your favorite animal? Bears
10.   What’s your favorite song? Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam
11.   What’s your favorite book? Busy things that Go
12.   Who’s your best friend? Hazel
13.   What’s your favorite cereal? Granola
14.   What’s your favorite thing to do outside?  Ride on four wheelers
15.   What’s your favorite drink? Root beer Pop
16.   What’s your favorite holiday? Christmas
17.   What do like to take with you to bed at night? Puppy and blanket
18.   What’s your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Oatmeal
19.   What do want for dinner on your birthday? Pizza
20.   What do you want to be when you grow up? Pilot

A little TLC

I take great pleasure in finding a great piece of furniture and making it even more wonderful by giving it a face lift. For some time now I've been wanting to find a new TV stand, since we've previously been using our coffee table to hold the TV. The future stand had a few requirements: it must be solid wood, it had to be tall enough that Zayden couldn't reach the TV, it needed to have storage underneath for entertainment needs, and it had to be $100 or less. 

I was browsing through Salvation Army one day with Z and I came across this: 
It was labeled as "furniture cabinet" and sold "as is"..... I had to admit-- it looked even worse in the store under those horrible florescent lights. It had scratches and knicks, and clearly, at one point, had a drawer on the top, however said drawer was no where in sight. BUT the best part, in my opinion was it was only $12. Yes. I could work with that. 
It was sturdy enough, solid wood-- no cheap flimsy laminate on this bad boy, it was tall enough so Z wouldn't be able to reach the TV, and it had an adjustable shelf for storage underneath. The wheels in my head started turning and so I brought it home. 
Tyler wasn't sold at first.... 
Half way through the project Tyler still wasn't sold on it. I kept reassuring him that it would be great. 
After sanding, 15 coats of primer, a new top shelf, and molding, and a few coats of polyurethane... it was finished!  
I already had the big basket on the bottom shelf. It now houses all of Z's toys which used to be in the ottoman. The top two shelves I found at Michael's and they were the perfect storage for DVD's. 
The new top shelf, which used to be where the drawer was now is the perfect spot for our DVD player and laptop. 
And to add a little splash of color I decided to spray paint the underside of the shelves blue. 
All in all I love how it turned out. Tyler finally agrees that I was right. In total I spent $48 to refinish it (including paint and other supplies)-- but it was a project worth doing, in my opinion. It probably won't be a TV stand forever, but it is versatile enough that it can be used in many different places in our home and future houses, and for many different  purposes... A kids' room storage cabinet for toys, a closet organizer for clothing etc. 

With that said, Tyler's most favorite part of our new TV stand is what now sits on top of it... 

A new 47" flat screen TV. We came home with it Monday. 
Tyler insisted that we get a new TV for our new stand and right before March Madness.... :)
I have to admit, it looks pretty classy. And how perfect that we both got what we wanted... although, I have to add, my item was significantly less than what Tyler's cost. ha ha. 
Happy DIY-ing everyone!