Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Catching up...

I guess it's been a while since I've updated our blog. Sheesh, time is flying. I can't believe it's already February and I haven't even blogged about January! 
Zayden is such a good little baby. There is nothing cuter, in my opinion, than those juicy lips and long eyelashes. 
Sleeping with Daddy. 
These two found this fourwheeler at Salvation Army, and it actually had batteries in it because when Q squeezed the button it moved forward. Can you see how much they are begging for this with their eyes? We didn't get it, I guess we're mean parents. 
Sometimes, I'm pleasantly surprised by how sweet my boys can be. One Sunday morning we were getting ready for church and it was awfully quiet from Braxton's end (this is usually a bad sign)...upon searching for him throughout the house I finally found him in his room sitting quietly on his bed 'reading' a book. He looked so sweet and innocent I had to capture a picture (without him knowing) to remember this moment. I do love him SO much!
It seems Z is in a hurry to get big, like his brothers. He's now wearing 12-18 month clothes and he's not even 1! 
One of my goals for this new year is to be consistent about exercise. This little gem, that Spencer got me for Christmas, is my best friend for my late night runs. I no longer have to hold the ipod or worry about it falling out of my pocket. 
January brought us a random snow fall. I know it looks rather pathetic in comparison to the amount of snow that falls all over, but for here it was a lot... especially since it only fell for a few hours. Quincy insisted that we make a snowman. This is as big as I could manage to help him.... the other 2 boys wanted to go back in after an hour, unlike Q who could be out for several hours at a time. 
It was perfect dry powdery snow too... unlike the wet mushy snow we got the last time. 

My little snow marshmallow. He was all bundled up and could hardly crawl, but had fun just sitting around like this and watching us do things. Quincy even managed to make about 20 snowballs that he, and B and I used in a "snowball fight". Mostly B ended up dropping them or throwing them in the wrong direction, so Q took full advantage of that and was chucking them right at B's face. I made sure to even the score for Braxton. And even let Quincy throw some at me. I'm such a good mom, huh? 
This blue jacket is what Tyler got me for running. It's SO warm and has a great hood for the nights it's raining. I LOVE it! 
It's rare, but every now and them Zayden gets a little grumpy. This particular day he was mad until I put him in the laundry basket and slid him around the house until he was squealing with laughter--The things moms do to keep their kids happy!-- Then when I was tired I piled warm laundry on him and he was content, but look at that little sad face. 
Z loves playing in the big boys room... he's always crawling down there to be part of the action. 
Mostly the older boys tolerate him tearing up there things, but there are moments when they get frustrated that he's taking something they're trying to play with or that he's breaking something they have just made. 
My boys LOVE jerseys. Tyler wouldn't have it any other way. :)
Chewing on plastic tools... perfect for teething? Or choking rather.... 
B got a tool set from Santa and he loves pounding away with that hammer.... 
Look... here he is again, getting into the "no no" stuff. 
And here is another picture that I'm really happy I was able to get. It's rare that all three of my boys are happy and playing nicely, but look at them... all playing nicely together. Wish it was like that all the time. 
 Lastly, here's a picture of the flowers that Tyler brought home to me on a particularly rough day. He's pretty dang sweet, when he wants to be.---AND would you believe that those flowers lasted for a whole month? They did. 

 Note to others: if you want your fresh flowers to last longer change the water daily, or every few days, strip out any leaves that are touching the water or they will get mushy, and re-cut the bottom of the stems when you change the water, oh and if a flower or some petals are wilting a little take em out... these tips will help your flowers look nice all week(s) long!

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