Monday, January 14, 2013

Everyday Life.

The boys thought it was the coolest thing when I told them I'd make a "tent" for them them to play in. This is what I came up with. They had a blast in here. They got some great use out of our flashlights and headlamps. B was thrilled when I let him sleep in the tent for his nap, and somehow they convinced us to let them BOTH sleep in it one night. They were good enough that we let them sleep together a second night before taking it down. The little things, right? 
They tucked the headlamp in the top bunks' slats for their "ceiling light" in the tent. Creative. 
Z's favorite new toy are these monster trucks. He is frequently found in the big boys' room playing with these trucks by himself. Where did my baby go? 
His favorite position to play in, on his knees. 

These kids are always getting bumps and bruises.... 
"Loving" on Zayden... 
Being silly. 


s + b said...

Adorable. I'm so excited to enter the bunk bed stage of life. I have so many memories sharing bunk beds with my siblings.

How old is Zayden? I think he and Kjel are close in age (she turns one in May).

Kati Howard said...

Z is almost 10 months, he'll be one the end of March. :) I highly recommend wood bunk beds and these ones even come apart to individual twin beds. :)

Wii are the Nelsons said...

fun - bunk beds are awesome for all sorts of forts and games - from I remember when I was little =)