Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Primary Program

This was the first year that Braxton was able to participate in the primary program. He did a such good job memorizing his part and spoke pretty clearly. Quincy also did a great job reading his part which was couple of lines. There's nothing that warms your heart more than hearing children sing about Jesus and families being together forever. 
I just love when my boys are all dressed up! 
These pictures I snapped of them at the practice. 
I'm thankful that our family can be together forever! 

Typical Boy Stuff

Honestly, since we finally broke down and got WiFi set up in our house I told myself I would blog more every month.
 Let's just say that I haven't been doing very well in that area. 
I chalk some of it up to being busy with every day life.... there's been lots of this going on: 
(Thanks to some friends in the ward who were getting rid of this trampoline 
and decided to pass it onto us) 
There has recently, there's been some of this going on too: 
Lots of goofing off in puffy coats in our chilly wintery weather... 
waiting for big brother to get off the bus:
And there's been lots of family time on Sunday's watching Youtube videos on the TV: 
This kid has gotten 100% on all, but ONE spelling test! It was really my fault because I thought he was supposed to be working on first grade words, not second grade words-- thus I didn't even quiz him before his test. He only missed 2 of the 9 words that first week! 
There's lots of working out and being "manly" around here. 
In house full of boys it's important to bulk up when you're the littlest. ;)
Occasionally there's some getting along going on: 
And every now and again there's some team work happening: 

There's been playdates of sorts with friends: 
And lots of bundling up going on: 
Some days they are the best frienemies: 
And when there was warmer fall weather there was lots of searching for stuff outside: 
There's been lots of messes building going on: 
And lots of studying: 
There was lots of rain.... 
But mostly Braxton's face says it all..... it's just been the typical boy stuff going on around here. 


Our Halloween was great this year. 
We managed to take a trip to the pumpkin patch a week or so before and the weather was beautiful. We had such a mild fall this year... too bad it's turning into a harsh winter. 
Braxton insisted on picking a white pumpkin which cost like three times the amount of the normal orange pumpkins, but it did end up lasting longer so I suppose it was all worth it. 

I tried really hard to persuade them to forgo the whole carving this year and even bribed them into painting pumpkins, but had no luck. 
They insisted on carving. 
I gladly put Tyler to work. :)

Happy with their results! 
Two days before Halloween they got a special package from Uncle Spencer and Uncle David.
 They were thrilled to find a bunch of candy and a new Halloween movie! 
This year the boys all wanted to be the same thing except for Braxton who insisted on being The Flash. 
The costumes in the store were like $30! 
I opted, instead, to make his costume from an adult size XL shirt.
 It turned out pretty good and only $4.99! 
Since I work with the Young Women now, I got to be involved in helping out with the Trunk Or Treat, which was a big success! 
Face painting. 
Doughnuts on a string. 
Lots of fun games. 

It wouldn't be Halloween without our annual trick or treating with the Garrett girls. 
They were some cute little hippies! 

We did the business daytime trick or treating, then went out to a neighborhood near the Garrett's house where they handed out a lot of king size candy bars! (Score!) This year Zayden tried his darnedest to keep up with the big kids and ran from house to house. He was such a trooper and eventually crashed like this at 9:00.  
I'd say we had a successful Halloween and we were glad it was safe and fun!