Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Sunday

Because Easter fell on my Birthday and General Conference weekend we decided to spend the weekend at my parents' house.

It was SO nice to be able to visit with my parents.

This was our one attempt to get a family photo of all 4 of us now...

Eh.... not the best picture of all of us, but we're all looking in the same general direction and no one's eyes are closed, right?

We'll try again when Braxton isn't starving and Quincy isn't in a desperate need of a nap.

Also, since Easter weekend was spent relaxing at my parent's house... the boys didn't get to wear their little matching church outfits. Instead of wearing them on Easter Sunday, they wore them this last Sunday. Our ward decided to celebrate Easter this last Sunday.

The sacrament program was beautiful; The speakers did a great job and the musical numbers were very uplifting. I am so thankful for our Savior who died for our sins so that I will be able to spend eternity with these handsome little boys!

As you can imagine... it was hard to get a decent picture of the two of them... so this is what we ended up with.

Again, taking pictures after church.... when Quincy needed a nap and Braxton wanted to eat!

Can't they just smile and cooperate for me?

Happy Belated Easter Everyone!

Braxton is 2 Months old!

Braxton is growing like a weed. He turned 2 months old last Saturday, April 10th. Where has the time gone? We all love our Mr. B! And what's not to love? He's oh-so-cute, happy most all the time, hardly cries, listens to you when you talk, smiles in response to the stories you tell him, eats well, sleeps well..... there isn't much to complain about in the baby brother department here.

Braxton had his 2 month Dr. appt today. Besides getting those nasty 3 shots... he handled it like a pro! In fact, even AFTER getting the 3 shots he was STILL the happiest baby. Granted he slept for most of today, but still...he hasn't spent the entire day crying like most babies do after shots.

His 2 month stats are as follows:

Weight : 14 lbs 0 oz (92%)
Height: 23 inches long (51%)

Yeah... so our little baby is quite the chunk now.... but at lest he's healthy right?

Some of the best things about turning 2 months old are:

Loosing all that fuzzy baby hair resulting in the "old man hair-do".

Getting these chubby, oh-so-kissable cheeks.

Watching Braxton take time to appreciate the little things in life.

Getting to wash all those rolls, which are increasing in depth.

Seeing him 'sleep like a baby'.
He is now sleeping from about 10:30PM-4:30 or 5:00AM. (Whoo hoo!!)

Hearing him tell us stories through little 'a-goo' noises.

Watching his face go from something very serious...

... to this wonderful, heart melting smile!

Having a little 2 month old baby is wonderful. We can't get enough of our little Braxton!

Easter Fun with Grammie and Grandpa Loren

While Tyler and I were able to go on a date night for my Birthday... Quincy spent the night at Grammie and Grandpa Loren's house doing some fun Easter activities like: Easter Egg Coloring.

Apparently Quincy was a egg coloring professional.

Anxiously awaiting the eggs to finish coloring...

And they're done!

I think Grammie and Quincy did a fabulous job coloring these.

Not only did Quincy get to color Easter eggs, he was able to go meet the.....

Easter Bunny!

One of the dentist offices my mom get referrals from does a big Easter 'shin dig'. They bring in real bunnies, the kids have a egg scavenger hunt, and get to meet the real Easter bunny.

Quincy had a lot of fun meeting both bunnies....

And Braxton? He had fun chillin' for a day with Grandpa for his first babysitting encounter.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me (A few weeks late of April 2nd)

I must say there's nothing in particular that's exciting about turning the age of 24. So this year's birthday wasn't a "big" one. However, I did manage to do some fun things. Tyler had to work a little late, but my mom graciously agreed to watch both the boys so I could have a day off. It was so nice of her! I was able to do some shopping for myself, Easter shopping for the boys, watch a movie, and do some luxurious primping before picking Tyler up from work to go to dinner. (Also, Saturday my mom got me a pedicure. Very nice!)

I was in the mood for fish... and seeing as how Tyler was going to come home from work late and I didn't want our house to SMELL like fish I told him we should go out. We decided on McGrath's Fish house.

The service was wonderful. I got the New Orleans Catfish and Tyler ordered a Parmesan Halibut. I liked my fish okay, it wasn't what I expected but I didn't hate it. Our wonderful waitress, however, noticed I didn't eat much and offered to get me something else on the house. In all honesty, I filled up on my strawberry lemonade, salad, and bread before dinner even came. I insisted that I couldn't eat anymore, which was completely true. She reluctantly left us to get the bill at which point I exited to the bathroom. When I came back Tyler told me she didn't charge us for my dinner because she could tell I didn't like it. Talk about great service. Needless to say Tyler, in return, left her a big tip.. although she deserved one anyways. So I got a free birthday dinner.

We actually picked up Braxton that night to come home with us, since he was getting over RSV (respitory synicitial virus). Saturday morning I was able to sleep in a little and then I got my birthday present. One I was very excited about.... a new CAMERA. I LOVE it. The digital camera we've had is very basic and we bought it fro Target after we first got married just so I could take pictures for my internship. It is only 4 mega pixels and has a whopping 3X's optical zoom. (Like I said, VERY basic) We've been looking to upgrade for a while now... and with Braxton changing everyday we decided that we needed a camera that also took video with sound (as our current camera didn't allow for sound).

Now I am the proud owner of a new Panasonic Z5 digital camera that also takes video in HD. It is wonderful... and there are still settings that I'm learning to use, but thus far it's been great! Now I'm able to capture so much more quality in my photos. All in all we spent a little more than we wanted, but for what we got.... it was worth every penny. After all, if I was able to make our pathetic previous camera work for us for 4 years, this one should last 10!

Thanks to my parents and Tyler, my Birthday was a success!