Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shopping is for girls!

As you can all see here, Quincy was not feeling enthusiastic about shopping at Target.

Actually it was more that he was pissed about being strapped into the shopping cart. He even spit up a little, which he hasn't done in months...I guess it was a protest of being buckled into that cart instead of crawling down all the aisles.

We found this cute leather kid chair in Target-- the only thing that Q was happy about was getting freed from the cart and the TAG of course!

He was so fixated on this tag, I couldn't get him to pose in the cute little mini leather chair. He ripped off the tag when we tried to take him out of the chair to put him back into the cart. Whatever makes him happy huh? Do you suppose we're setting ourselves up for a bratty kid who is only happy when he gets what he wants? I hope not!

It's getting hot out here....

....So take off all Q's clothes.
Let the heat of the summer begin.....
Today was supposed to be 100*, which anything over 90* feels like your in hell anyways. Quincy has been enjoying wearing less clothes though. Here he is taking his morning nap in the almost nude.

Mess maker, Mess maker, make me a mess...

Yesterday Quincy decided that he wanted to feed himself. Lately he's been trying to block our hands when we try to feed him his food, so I suggested to Tyler that he let Quincy try it himself. This is how it went....First, Tyler would scoop some food onto his spoon and then hand the spoon to Quincy...

Then Quincy would attempt to get into his mouth. He did pretty well for his first time. Notice the small food spill on his tray....I wasn't able to get a photo of him flinging it up on the wall and onto our dining room floor... oh well, that's how he learns.

And lastly.... SUCCESS!! :) For those of you who know me well---- you know I'm a little OCD....But I figure when it comes to my son's learning process, I'll try and let a spoonful of food here and there slide. Hey the sooner he learns how to do it himself, the sooner we can all eat dinner at one time without him yelling at us. How nice will that be?
Today was the grand opening of a new Frozen Yogurt place called: Cold Fuzion. We went here for an afternoon treat becuase they were giving away free frozen yogurts from 12-5PM. Tyler tried some rasberry tart frozen yogurt with fresh blackberries on top, I had strawberry frozen yogurt with fresh mangos, and even Quincy tried some orignal tart frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries. He seemed to enjoy it A LOT! We were glad we went, but I don't know that we would go there if we had to was a little spendy.
I forgot to snap a picture of him enjoying his frozen yogurt, but here's holding the remainder of his treat....his plastic spoon.
For dinner tonight I made some chicken alfredo with broccoli that was topped with some fresh parsley. (This picture doesn't do it jsutice!)I thought it turned out alright, I shouldn't have let the noodles cook for so long though. We have decided that Quincy should start eating "real" food with us....and so this was a dinner we let him have. Talk about a self esteem booster-- the kid couldn't eat enough of it. He LOVED it, which made me feel good.
And lastly, for dessert I made us all some 'Orangeberry Blitz Jamba Juice' smoothies. They were pretty good, not the exact thing though. Quincy is enjoying his smoothie, but he wouldn't put down his cracker to eat it. Did I mention that this kid LOVES to eat!?!?!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My buddy and me...

I thought this was a cute picture of Quincy and Tyler. I'm sure in a few short years to come he won't want to be holding hands with dad. :)
Monkey see....monkey do.
Quincy's so curious, he was really excited when Tyler starting running the water for his bath.

It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt

Quincy had lots of fun at his grandparents house. He loves that he can do anything he wants, which obviously includes taking out all the DVD's.
He's just "picking" out a movie.
So everything was going fine. Tyler worked in Parma most of the day...he got back to the house around 7:30PM....when he came home we ate some BBQ chicken. Last night was the final episode of the show "Farmer Picks a Wife" which I've been following since it first aired---I know it's hard to believe that I could become so addicted to it, but I was. It also happened to be the premiere of "Baby Borrowers". Tyler's dad was watching a baseball game upstairs so I started watching my show downstairs in the basement.
Halfway through the show I was talking to my mom on the phone when I heard Quincy screaming bloody murder. At first I thought he was just pooping-- I know gross that was my first thought, but sometimes when he poops they are kinda hard to pass and so he screams for a couple seconds. Well the screams continued and continued...finally I went upstairs and found Quincy hysterically crying on Tyler's lap. Apparently Tyler had accidentally smashed his finger in the rocking chair.
It was pretty bad because it was bleeding a little bit and bruised. He gave him some Tylenol, but nothing seemed to calm him down. Poor little guy was traumatized. He kept holding his finger to me as if to say: "Mama, kiss hurts." In the picture above he was clinging to his grandpa Kent and refused to look at Tyler. Ha ha-- poor Tyler, he felt SO bad...afterall it WAS an accident, but Quincy wasn't about to let him feel better about it.
Grandma Teesy gave him a band aid to put on he had finally calmed down. It's his ring finger. You can't really see how bad it looked. He's all better today, I'm sure he forgot all about it after a good night's sleep. It was sad though....


This week Tyler was assigned to work in Parma. The plus side of him working out in the sticks is that 1. He knows most the people out in the area already because it's kinda where he grew up 2. that we get to see his parents and lastly 3. that Tyler's usually able to do well in the area because he's familiarized himself with the people and the town. The downside is that it sucks to drive that far--gas sure isn't cheap.

Since he was working in Parma Quincy and I decided we should go too to see Grandma and Grandpa Howard. Tyler's first stop was meeting a guy at a Jaks gas station in town. Quincy and I got to share a jolly rancher flavored popcicle. Below are some pictures to proove that Q thouroughly enjoyed it.

I thought after a while his mouth would be numb, but he insisted on eating more each time I pulled it away.

Here he looks like he's in a coma.....a sugar coma.

This picture just goes to show how mad he would get when I pulled it away.

Here's his juicy popcicle covered lips.

Quincy's first steps...

This is probably as close as we get to actually getting a shot of him smiling for the camera. Too bad he won't show off that one tooth he has. It's pretty cute...

Tyler was proud of this picture that he took. He said it was a modeling picture; Quincy's showing his more serious side for the pose. :)

Every day Tyler is putting Quincy through his workout routine, trying to get him walking. I would love to see him walk, but also happen to be aware of the consequences that brings. I know that when he starts walking I'll start running-- after him, and boy is that kid quick when he crawls, I can only imagine him "walking". The picture above is Quincy's first steps.....

Okay we were just kidding-- I photo shopped out Tyler's finger that Quincy was holding onto....but hey it's just a preview of what's to come. In fact, be prepared to see more pictures of the back of Quincy while he's running away, especially with my stupid camera that won't get action shots. :) This picture above is more accurate of what he was really doing outside...not wanting to walk but sit down because he wanted to 'play' with the rocks. Stubborn kid!

Our little "helper"

So in response to Katie Stacey's little 'helper' post.....I thought I would attach a picture of my little 'helper'. :) As you can all see, clearly he's sorting the laundry. I was so grateful to see that all those countless occassions when I have been sorting, washing, and folding laundry in front of him has paid off. Lol
I'm not really sure what his fascination is with our dirty laundry basket, but he loves to take out as much as possible before we catch him in the act. This is what happened in a matter of seconds and you can see the look of delight on his face, like he's quite proud of the mess he's made--- do you suppose this is the kind of mischief we have to look forward to when he gets older, I think so.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An old lady's trash is a young couples treasure...

Yesterday evening we went outside after it finally cooled off. Quincy was doing his usual, pulling out all the rocks in the border of my garden when our neighbor, Diane, came home. She's older and lives by herself and has recently had a yard sale. There is still some junk outside her house including an office desk. We yelled hello across the street and she said hello and then asked if we needed a desk. We said we'd go look at it; we walked over to take a peek and decided it was in pretty good shape. She told us it was ours if we wanted to take it for free. So we hauled it across the street, cleaned it up, and then filled it up with our stuff. It doesn't match the other things in our house as far as furniture goes (Infact nothing in our house really goes together becuase they've all been hand me downs...which we've been very grateful for) but someday when we're moving we don't have to feel obligated to keep this cheaply made desk because we got it for free. That pretty much goes for all of our furniture. I can't wait for the day we can move into our own place and get some furniture that I love. That will be the best day!! So here's a little picture of our new furniture addition:
This was when we were moving out our make-shift desk and in the process of cleaning up the new one.
This is Quincy testing out the keyboard. He's enjoying getting away with touching it because he's usually not allowed to play with the computer stuff.
Here's the finished desk. I have to say it sure does help me to keep things organized; I can now put all my scrapbooking stuff in one spot where it's easy to get to, have a place for our games, there's a spot for our paperwork and our bills, along with a home for Tyler's work stuff. I have to say though...I wish when that we could put in a bedroom because I don't like walking into our place and looking at our office stuff. Overall it was a good find. :)
I have to figure out how to rearrange out furniture in the dining room to create the most space, but it also has to be functional. So far, this is all I've come up with.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Smarty Pants

I just wanted to record a little story for my sake, so I can look back and remember it, but you all might enjoy it too. Quincy is really bright. He's extremely independant and loves to learn how things work. He'll forever be fascinated with his easter egg until he figures out how to put it together-- up until now he's just figured out how to take it apart and hasn't quite got it back together. He loves his puzzles and has even figured how to take the pieces out-- putting them back in will come eventually. He loves to "read" his books. This morning he just sat in the living room on the floor with his books reading each one out loud while I watched the Today Show. I spent more time watching him than the TV. He's so cute...AND smart. He opened up the books and held them up so he see them better to "read". Then he proceeded to jabber as if he were actually reading the book. He would jabber some jibberish and then turn the page. It was SO cute. I'm always so amazed by how much he is capable of learning and HAS learned. Each day brings something new. He's constantly making connections. Like last week for example:

I've been trying really hard to make sure that Quincy learns early on how to "communicate" with us when he cries. In a calm vioce while he's crying I ask him questions like: "Are you tired?" or "Is Quincy hungry?" or "Do your teeth hurt?". It might seem stupid, but I think he's starting to catch on. Tyler was working and so it was just Quincy and I at home. I was kinda hungry and craving something sweet and lucky me, there happened to be some cookie dough in the fridge I had made earlier. I sat down on the couch with the whole bowl of dough--because I didn't want to dirty another dish. Quincy saw me with the huge bowl and became very curious. He crawled over towards me and stood up next to couch in front of my lap. He watched me for a while. He would see me pick something out of the bowl and put it in my mouth. He did this several times and I could see him undersanding that whatever was in the bowl was food. He looked perplexed as if he didn't know what to do and then suddenly his eyes got big and he looked right into my eyes and said very excitedly: " NANA!" (Which is what he calls all food.)

He was adorable and he worked so hard at trying to communicate to me what he wanted. It was so awesome to watch him as his little mind worked. SO....I figure somewhere in there he really is learning those things which we repeatedly tell or ask him.


Quincy's weight gain diet...

This morning was such a good one for us. Quincy woke around his usual time and Tyler went to the office for his morning meeting. When Tyler came back we headed to the doctor's for Quincy's weight check up. At his 9 mo. check up he had lost a pound, so we were instructed to come back in a month to see if he was gaining it back. At his 10 mo. check up for weight, he had only gained 2 ounces!! The doctor was a little concerned and so she told me to go back to full time nursing 7 times a day in addition to feeding more solid foods. Well after 49 nursing feedings, 21 solid food meals, approx. 15 crackers, 3 pieces of bread, along with 14 sippy cups full of juice we got him to gain 7 ounces! The doctor seemed pleased that he had gained 7 ounces in a week, much better than 2 ounces in a month! So we're all happy that he's healthy and strong. Once again...back on the chart.
He was such a little trooper at his appt. He was happy most of the time, that was until the doctor had to take care of a "inclusion" on his peanut. (She had to pull back his skin becuase part of it was growing together- Poor guy). I thought Tyler was going to pass out watching. I saw him wince a little and he had a look of pain on his face. I think Tyler was more traumatized than Quincy was. He (Quincy) cried a little, but it was all very quick. His doctor told us to make sure we keep some Vaseline on it so it stays like it should. Sometimes I think man, when it comes to all that stuff, it would've been easier to have a girl. You know all the cleaning and hygiene stuff you have to deal with "down there". We love our little boy though! And we're so delighted that he's back on track for his weight gaining.
This was after we got home. He's looking a little bit tired.
It's rare that we're all in a picture togeter. Most recently Quincy hasn't been liking to pose for the camera, as you can see here he doesn't really know what's going on.

My first tooth!

Quincy and I are a great duo.....he loves hanging out with mom. Unfortunately since he's been teething he hasn't been the happiest camper. Here we were trying to get a decent picture...the one above is probably the best one, the one below is more realistic of what he was really doing-- screaming and yelling. Lucky for us though, he has FINALLY got a tooth. It's his bottom front left one that has just cut through....hallelujah! He's got one on the top too that's JUST about through completely. Poor little guy, he's been working so hard on getting them.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm too sexy for my life jacket...

So for Quincy's birthday we are having all our families here for a party. Since it will be mid-August we figured a rafting trip down the mellow Boise River would be fun for everyone. Since Quincy's ovbiously too small to know how to swim we needed to get him a life jacket. We had a hard time trying to find one that was small enough. The smallest ones we found were 30-50lbs which Quincy's not even 20lbs, so those weren't going to work. We finally found a couple options which were close enough to his weight. Here he's modeling them. He loved it....all the different stores and getting all that attention. See if you can decide which one we chose. :)
Here he looks like Mr. Muscles. "I'm going to Pump You Up!" And don't' you love the shorts that are supposed to be tight on his legs but instead look more like pants? :)
We asked Quincy "How do you feel about this one Q?" He said..."I think it's riding a little in the front and it might even be squishing my peanut guys. I feel a little exposed. Maybe we could try another?"

Thursday, June 19, 2008

All I want for my birthday is a full set of teeth...

Poor Quincy is getting all 8 of his teeth right now. His top front and bottom ones are SO close. They are JUST about to cut through his gums. Poor little guy. He's been a little more aggitated and irritable lately...I guess I can't blame him. This picture above is from when he wasn't feeling too great.

This is after we played outside, he looks a little tired and worn out. He found his medicine and got pretty happy about it.

He's self medicating. :) Don't worry under supervision. :) lol

Mom, it looks scary!

The weather has been getting hotter and since Quincy doesn't have a pool we decided to blow up our raft and use it as a make-shift kiddie pool. Quincy hasn't become too enthusiastic about getting in it yet, but he seems pleased with splashing his hands around in the water. He's pretty funny about it. He gets excited about being NEXT to the "pool", just not about being IN it yet.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SCATTERGORIES TAG....(tagged by Heather) it's harder than it looks! . ***Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following.........

1. What is your name: Kati
2. 4 letter word: Kite
3. Vehicle: Kia
4. City: Kirkland, WA
5. Boy's Name: Ken
6. Girl's Name: Kendra
7. Beverage: Kiwi Strawberry soda
8. Occupation: Karate Instructor
9. Something you wear: Knickers
10. Celebrity: Katie Holmes
11. Food: Kentucky fried chicken
12. Something in a bathroom: Kleenex
13. Reason for Being Late: Kidney Infection
14. Cartoon Character: Kris Kringle
15. Something You Shout: Keep your hands to yourself!
16. Animal: Koala
17. Body part: Knee

Okay, so mine was obviously harder than 'H' or 'T', so I had to be creative on a few. :)

Play time!

Here's one of Quincy's other favorite things to do....take all his toys and books out of their boxes.
This picture is just after he woke up and so he still looks a little tired.
He looking a little sleepy still. :) If I wear him out earl, then he'll take his nap earlier and I'LL get to shower!

Quincy is so smart. He learned how to press the button on his airplane. And when he DID learn how to press it, he kept repeatedly pressing it OVER and OVER again. It would only get through the "Welcome Friends! I'm Pooh Bear, are you ready for a ride?" Before he'd press it again.

I'm losing my mind!

Okay, so you know those days when it seems like NOTHING you do goes right? This was one of them. Yesterday Tyler was working in Mountain Home for the day. He called me on his way there to say that he would be back in the afternoon and asked if we had a primary activity later that night. I said yes. It started at 4:30 and only was supposed to be an hour, but we had signed up to help with one of the games, so we had to be there. Tyler got back around 2:00 and most of the afternoon Quincy spent whining. I think it must be his teeth because he seems exceptionally irritable. By 4:15 we piled into the car ready to go. I had jotted down Shirley's address, where the activity was, and looked on a map for her street. Tyler told me I should've just looked online, well I didnt' think about it and so I was searching this map in the car for the tiny street name. Finally we found it. When we drove to her house there were NO cars insight. We didn't see ANYONE. I looked at the clock and we were only a few minutes late. We knocked on the door and Shirley's son answered. He said she wasn't home and he had been trying to call her on her cell phone, but that she wasn't answering. We told him to tell her we dropped by. Then we drove to the church just to make sure the activity wasn't there. Sure enough there wasn't anyone from our ward there, just another ward having a wedding reception. So we home and I was very irrritated. It was hot and we spent a half and hour driving around wasting gas for nothing. We were in the process of making dinner when I looked at the calender and noticed that the activty was scheduled for NEXT tuesday!! Ugggg! I couldn't believe I had missed that. On sunday Tyler told me that there was a softball game on tuesday night at 6:30 and so I must've switched the activities around. Tyler got a good laugh, I however, was not in the mood. We ate dinner and then headed over to our friends' house to return some movies we borrowed from them. Lets just say it was a long day...and not a very good one for me. Tyler and I ended up watching 'Employee of the Month', which was pretty good. We both went to bed exhuasted.
These pictures are of Quincy in his nice clothes to go to the activity. He looks like he's thinking about what he can destroy next in this one above.