Sunday, October 26, 2008

The family picture...

Every time we get together we try to take at least one picture of everyone.... Last Christmas this was the family picture....

This was the picture at Quincy's birthday....

And this is the family picture we took today.... minus Tyler since he's in Utah with his family.


We did alot of playing outside on Satuday. Quincy had so much fun with Grammie and Grandpa and his uncles playing in the leaves and picking apples.

He even helped Grandpa Loren in the garage.... doing 'manly' things of course. :o)

He helped uncle Karter blow leaves....

And uncle Scott rake leaves....
He helped Grammie pick the extra apples she had on her apple tree...

Quincy is so productive.... look what a good helper he is.

Quincy loves being outside helping Grandpa.

He does such a good job.
..........................To be Continued...........................

Washington Continued......


Friday consisted of mostly just lounging around, which was nice after our fun-filled day of shopping the day before. We went to my old high school to watch a football game. It's funny how your perspective changes as you grow. I remember being in Elementary school and thinking that high school kids looked SO big, now returning after being graduated for 4 years my perspective has changed, now the kids look so young and small. Granted that most of the boys could've easily towered over me, they looked very little. It was really fun to see my old school and a few familiar faces.

Here's our family photo before the boys ran off to be in the "cool" senior section and with their "cool" friends.

Of course my parents couldn't get enough of little Quincy. Doesn't he look cute all bundled up in his fall sweater, beanie, and mittens?

So 'back in the day' I was a cheerleader. A darn good one, if you ask me or most anyone who knew me then...
My old cheerleading coach STILL coaches, it seems we never had a consistent cheer coach, but Bethany has apparently stuck around for the long run. I also ran into a few girls who were on varsity with me while I used to cheer. They were all a few grades younger than I though.
From left to right: Bethany, our coach, Quincy and I, Nicole Hansen, Kalen Olsen, and Katie Hansen. I have some fond memories with these girls.
This is the new varsity cheerleading squad. I know only one of them.... Abbie Pickett-- who is holding Quincy. Abbie did a great job at the game. Although I was a little sad they didn't do any stunting.

Quincy was so popular he even was rubbing shoulders with the 'spirit king'..... a tradition that my graduating class council started.

Here he is in the senior section.... doesn't he look really spirited?

Who's number one? CR Chiefs!

Of course, River one the game, I didn't get the final score because we left after the 3rd quarter ended. It was so much fun to see a few familiar faces and relive those nostalgic memories.

Quincy and Grammie, this was before he fell asleep. Who would've thought it possible that a little baby could sleep through a loud football game and in cold weather amongst a loud band playing fight songs?

Later after the game, I was able to hang out with another former cheerleader and close friend, Courtney Wack. Courtney and I, besides having lots of classes together were also on Student Government and she was our class president. Courtney's so sweet and it was really fun to catch up with her and relive some of the funny high school moments.
.............................To Be continued..........................

Saturday, October 25, 2008

We're in Washington!

We took it pretty easy on Wednesday. Everyone always asks how Quincy does flying on an airplane, and to answer that I say pretty well. This time since he was a little older and it was an early flight I was slightly concerned as to how he would react. Quincy loves airplanes; he was so engrossed at the airport in watching them land and take off. I was hopeful that the flight would be okay for him and that enthusiasm about all the plane action would bypass any trouble we might incur on the plane. Luckily he was fine during the takeoff. It didn't seem to bother him one bit.

He was little squirmy trying to hold still on my lap while the fasten your seat belts sign was on, but otherwise he did fine. I wasn't so lucky, because it was early and I had hardly slept the night before-- we had some noisy drunk neighbors making lots of noise at 2:00 AM-- I was exhausted, which didn't help me to feel very good as we ascended into the air. I felt a little sick, but nothing serious happened.

One of the nice flight attendants on the plane gave him some mini pretzels and he was shoving them in his mouth by the handful. I looked over after he had crammed a bunch in and his eyes were watery and then he threw them up. It was so gross and made me feel even more nauseous. Towards the end of the flight-- which was very short, it's a perfect amount of time for traveling, and hour-- Quincy fell asleep.... actually it was as we were descending. I thought the noise from the loud jets would wake him, but he was OUT. The flight was really quite empty and so we had landed, got our bags and were at the curb at 9:00AM.

When we arrived at my parents house mostly we just relaxed and visited. It was a pretty low key day.
This is how Quincy and Grandpa ended up after a long day of traveling.

We decided that we would do a little shopping and browsing around. We looked at several consignment shops for kids and found some really great things. Quincy was in need of a winter jacket and we found brand new, tags still attached Osh Kosh boys winter jacket which was originally $54 and we paid $12! It is nice and warm, and is also reversible. I'm sure it will go to great use for all that fun snow we get!
After we were worn out from shopping, we decided to get some quick lunch at McDonald's. Quincy indulged in some french fries, and hamburger. He drank a little bit of my sprite and decided that we should ask for water cup for him. After we brought the water cup and gave him some he threw a huge fit because he wanted the soda. Everyone was staring, because he was crying as if we had cut his finger off. As my mom was walking with him screaming he was distracted by some kid playing with his happy meal toy and turned his disposition right around into something extremely pleasant. It was ridiculous!

After we ate at McDonald's, we decided to stop by my aunts house. Quincy got to see their chickens, dogs and cats.
Here's a picture of Ben, their bull mastiff... he's huge!

And little Q in the chicken coop..playing with the chickens. He was pretty entertained.
My uncle Mikes mother lives at their house downstairs. She also has two dogs of her own. Quincy got to pet one of her dogs, he licked Quincy's face all over. Then we decided that Quincy should go for a "horsey" ride on Ben, since he's about as big as a horse. I love the look on Ben's face, isn't it one of sheer terror?!?
Here's Grammie and Quincy.
My aunt and uncle have a cat whose name is Larry Bird. He is sort of a sorry looking cat with slimy herpes eyes, but he's very nice and has quite the personality. Quincy and "bird bird" became fast friends. Here's talking to Larry Bird.
Larry Bird on the prowl, he looks like he's hunting, and that one squinty eye makes me laugh.
Quincy really was wanting to pet Larry, but we had to keep saying, "touch nicely". As you can see, Larry Bird has his claws ready to remind him of that very saying.
Doesn't it look so pretty behind Grammie and Quincy?
After we left my aunt and uncle's house, we dropped by our friends the Pickett's house. We visited for a while and headed back home to get ready to go down to Spencer and Jonothon's condo for dinner.
Uncle Scott loved parading Quincy around... here he's doing the "cheerleader smile".
We had Tai Orchid for dinner, ordering in so we could eat in the comfort of Johnothon and Spencer's beautiful and newly remodeled condo. It was so nice to visit with them. This picture of Johnothon and Quincy is actually pretty decent.
We've been having so much fun here at my parents house. We are so happy to be able to spend time with them.
................To be continued............

Fun at the Park:

Last Saturday before Quincy and I came to Washington, we decided we'd take advantage of our nice fall weather and go to the park. The park is across the street from our house hidden back in these subdivision neighborhoods. It's got great play equipment and a duck pond. Quincy had fun on the playground, but even more fun watching the ducks. He even fed them some of his Cheerios, because that's the only food we had to feed them. It was fun to spend time together before Tyler left to go out of town for work and Quincy and I came to Washington.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

PS. Mom

Hope you like this new festiv blog background.

You know you need to set up a blog for you guys... in fact when Quincy and I get there next week we'll help you get started.

Until next time everyone!!!


And incase you're wondering what I've been up to:

I've been working on things like this:

It's been a nice creative outlet for me to work a couple of days a week, not to mention it's nice to have a little paycheck, and gain some more work experience.

Popcorn Night!

This is what my boys look like eating popcorn.... I'm lucky I get any at all!