Monday, April 27, 2015

Last Year in My Twenties....

Folks, it's official. I am no longer a young spring chicken... I'm getting old---er. ;)
And since I'm getting older my priorities have matured... like eating ice cream for breakfast, because.... why not? 
I've definitely realized how much quality time with Tyler means to me. I was lucky enough to get to go out to dinner at a new Thai food restaurant in Sandy called Thai Home. 
It was in a little old house and was clean and the food/ presentation was amazing. 
We would definitely go back .

I also think it's interesting that my birthday present wish list as gotten real practical over here.... cookie dough scooper, and electric palm sander... I was so happy about both of these. Like, for real. 

I might be one year older, not necessarily wiser, but I am pretty pleased that I've been blessed with an amazing husband and three healthy and active kiddos. That I work from home doing something I'm passionate about. That I have great neighbors, and good friends.
 I am blessed.

 And happy. 

And officially 29. 


Easter came much earlier than I thought it would. We decided this year to head up to my parents house and watch conference. It was fun to see all my little brothers and their families too. Our boys were pretty happy with the Easter bunny who brought them treats and new shirts. I'm thankful for the weekend which we had to spend with family, the good food, and opportunity to celebrate our Savior's Resurrection .Because of him we are able to conquer the grave. 

DIY continued....

Since February I've been working on a handful of projects. I finished most of them by March and have since sold them all (with the exception of our TV stand-- which we are TOTALLY keeping), but I wanted to post a little before and after here. 

This little vintage chair had some mid century lines, which I liked and my dad picked up for free. I was hoping to get away with reusing the existing foam, but it unfortunately was soiled by someones kitty. So I painted it out in white for a modern look, stripped off the cat hair covered fabric and foam, and recovered with a heavy chenille upholstery fabric then finished it off with a faux nail head trim. Love how it turned out. 

My dad also picked up this retro reader board off the side of the road from a closing business. I wasn't sure originally what I was going to do with it, but got the idea to transform it into a jewelry display case. Surprisingly this project turned into one of my favorite afters. 

And lastly, I acquired from my awesome little sister in law a dresser (that she found for free) -- have a mentioned that I have awesome family members?? I fell in love with the potential of it. Tyler did not. He wasn't seeing what I saw. It was a little rough on the eyes, but nothing that couldn't be revived back to life. I love that the big drawers fit our DVD's perfectly and that the top small drawers were transformed into the perfect spot for our electronics. I'll let you all be the judge of whether it was a success or not. 
Gutted out the top drawers and frames... 
Sanded down the drawers for a new stain....
The top also got sanded... 

Getting there.... 
New stain and paint with beadboard added for our shelf. 

I really LOVE how it turned out and couldn't be more pleased.
 It's now one of those pieces of furniture in my home that I'm truly happy to see and feel it definitely represents what I want my home to look like. 

Zayden's 3rd Birthday

Last month (oof- wish I was more on top of this!) we celebrated Zayden's 3rd birthday. I feel like we're starting to shift into a new stage of parenthood-- the one with no babies around. Yes. My baby is no longer a baby at all. He's very independent. He's fearless, he's silly and funny. He's loving and affectionate. He's stubborn- but the times he's stubborn are usually inopportune ones. He's my little mover and shaker-- he can always be found dancing to a good beat. He's sweet and just a little on the small side for his age, but who knows he could sprout up at any time. 

His 3 year stats are as follows: 
Weight: 29.5lbs (23%)
Height: 36" tall (13%) 
Zee loves to help out (on his terms) with cooking and cleaning. 
His favorite chore is vacuuming and he's actually quite thorough when he does it. 
It can be hard to be the littlest one-- often in the shadow of older siblings, but Zayden finds his own ways to stand out. He's definitely into puzzles as of late. Has a little obsession with the Little Mermaid movie/ and or book (mostly due to Ursula and all the music- I think). He likes to play sports with dad or his brothers. He loves superheroes and has quite the imagination while playing with them. My favorite thing about Zayden right now is when he walks over to me and says very sweetly "My love you". He's been saying My instead of  I for a while now and I've tried to correct him, however I find that there's a tiny part of me that loves that he says it wrong. The other thing he says after I respond with "I love you too" is a follow up from him with "Me too!" 

Zayden loves nursery and for now is the oldest one in there (and has another year left). He likes to sing songs and I was surprised to find out that he knows Follow the Prophet, or at least the chorus. 

Zee is at the age where he didn't particularly care what we did for his party, but did request strawberries on his cake. Since his birthday fell around March madness playoffs we sort of went with a vintage sports theme. He was quite happy about the hot dogs and chips and popcorn... 

Since I had such a small request from him for a cake I decided to go with strawberry and cake batter ice cream cake topped with whipped cream and layered on a graham cracker crust. 

We learned that holding three fingers is a little tricky, but sticking you tongue out definitely helps. 

Zayden was spoiled by our family and close friends. 
He got new superheroes, water balloons, clothes, a cape and mask, puzzles, farm animals, and lots of other stuff. 

I'm know Zee loves when we get to see his little cousin Cash. 
I'm also pretty sure Cash was eyeing all the things he wanted to get his hands on, but couldn't. ha ha! 
All in all, we are so blessed to have this little 3 year old stud in our family. 
It just wouldn't be complete without our third little musketeer. 

Happy Birthday our little Zayden Jace!