Monday, April 27, 2015

DIY continued....

Since February I've been working on a handful of projects. I finished most of them by March and have since sold them all (with the exception of our TV stand-- which we are TOTALLY keeping), but I wanted to post a little before and after here. 

This little vintage chair had some mid century lines, which I liked and my dad picked up for free. I was hoping to get away with reusing the existing foam, but it unfortunately was soiled by someones kitty. So I painted it out in white for a modern look, stripped off the cat hair covered fabric and foam, and recovered with a heavy chenille upholstery fabric then finished it off with a faux nail head trim. Love how it turned out. 

My dad also picked up this retro reader board off the side of the road from a closing business. I wasn't sure originally what I was going to do with it, but got the idea to transform it into a jewelry display case. Surprisingly this project turned into one of my favorite afters. 

And lastly, I acquired from my awesome little sister in law a dresser (that she found for free) -- have a mentioned that I have awesome family members?? I fell in love with the potential of it. Tyler did not. He wasn't seeing what I saw. It was a little rough on the eyes, but nothing that couldn't be revived back to life. I love that the big drawers fit our DVD's perfectly and that the top small drawers were transformed into the perfect spot for our electronics. I'll let you all be the judge of whether it was a success or not. 
Gutted out the top drawers and frames... 
Sanded down the drawers for a new stain....
The top also got sanded... 

Getting there.... 
New stain and paint with beadboard added for our shelf. 

I really LOVE how it turned out and couldn't be more pleased.
 It's now one of those pieces of furniture in my home that I'm truly happy to see and feel it definitely represents what I want my home to look like. 

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