Thursday, May 30, 2013


Spending time with family is the best when you're just enjoying each other's company, which is what we did A LOT of! Don't you love this attempt at a cousin pictures? ha ha 

Clearly Zayden's thrilled not only about holding still, but seeing the dogs behind us while we're taking this picture. ha ha ha 
The boy crew: 
Trying to ease Z into petting the dogs. He cried every time one would get near him. I think the big dogs kinda scared him every time they would hover over him and lick his face. Oh well... 

Charlie had puppies, they were pretty cute. I'm sure they got packed around enough for a lifetime by Rylie and they other kids. They were such good sports though... 
Z LOVES animals, but had a rough time being around the dogs. Taio still thinks she's a puppy, though she's as big as Charlie (her mom) and I think Z cried like 100 times whenever she got near him! Maybe next time he won't be so terrified. 
Zayden and Grandpa Kent. 
Grandma Teesy playing ring around the rosy with the kids. 
Shes such a great grandma! 
I love how while grandma and grandpa and all the moms were out playing with the kids the dad's were like this inside: 
This trampoline got SO much use out of the kids. They loved running on it, jumping on it, bouncing each other on it, and playing on it. We might just have to get one.... 

Attempting to get a picture of 6 kids under the age of six? Impossible... but there are a couple of good ones in here. 

I'm posting all of them anyways. :) 

This is the best one I got. 

Not too shabby. 

I love Braxton's face, Rylie's cowgirl boots and jammies, Jakoby's little scar, Zayden's happy binky smile, that Quincy's keeping Z from escaping, and that Taylee looks like she's got a little army around Jakboy. These kids are so cute.... it's too bad we could have thrown little Kailin in the mix, but she was sleeping. 

We had such a great time with family. It went really quickly, but we won't forget all the good times we had.
Next time I really need to take more pictures! 

Thanks for letting us visit Kent and Teesy! 
(And for watching the kids so us adults could all go out... it was really wonderful.) 

Wedding Number Two in I-D-A-H-O

Our trip to Idaho started off pretty smooth. Tyler was able to get off at 5:00PM rather than 6:00 so that was nice. After making a pit stop at Five Guys Burgers so he could get his dinner we left Portland with some relatively happy kids in the back seat and happy parents in the front. The plan was that I would drive the first half of the trip and Tyler would drive the second half. 

Just as we got outside of Troutdale there was a torrential downpour! With the windshield wipers going full blast and huge RV's, campers, and semi trucks soaking our windshield even more I thought there were several times that we going to die. (Since my car accident, which I should add was 8 years ago, I have a fear of driving near semi's... for good reason, so my heart was pounding the whole time we drove through that storm. I'm pretty sure my knuckles were white from gripping that steering wheel so tightly.) Finally we made it through the storm and the clouds parted and I could finally breathe.  

After that the driving was pretty smooth. No crazy weather, no crazy cars, and I found the perfect "pilot car" to follow-- a guy doing 80mph. I kept pace with him and we made to Hermiston in just under 3 hours. We filled up the car, Tyler downed his routine halfway-through-the-trip energy drink and took over driving. 

I don't know how many times we've made this drive from Portland/ Vancouver area to Idaho, but for some reason I always think that once we get to Baker City it's almost over... nope, silly me... that's like the longest part of the trip. We made it Fruitland around 12:30AM mountain time, which means we completed our trip in about 5 1/2 hours (one of our fastest times). I guess it makes it easier when you're kids are sleeping. The boys did good. No real troubles from them. 
Tyler and I hardly slept that night. I think we fell asleep around 2 and woke up around 6:45. Needless to say we were so tired. But we managed to get showered, all the kids bathed, and everyone ready for the temple by 9:00AM. The boys looked really cute in their suits and Grandma Teesy even got them matching ties.
Tyler's cousins watched the boys for us while we were in the sealing and I guess they did pretty well since nobody was covered in anything sticky and not one kid was crying. (Thanks!) Quincy told me they played lots of hide and seek in the waiting room. :) 
After the the sealing was pictures... this is usually tough for any parent with children of any age. The boys did pretty good, it was a little easier than when Scott and Kelli got married since the weather was so much cooler and it wasn't naptime. :) 
Tyler's cousin Christa took some family pictures for us (not the one pictured below) and we can't wait to see how they turned out. She always does such a great job! This was one we just snapped outside the temple. 
The Howard cousins had so much fun. They are all so close in age (there's almost a kid every year) and so they had a blast running around and playing together. 

When we were done smiling for cameras and posing for pictures we headed over for a family luncheon at The Golden Carroll. The boys had the time of their life's eating pizza, mac and cheese, fruit, chips, ice cream, and cotton candy. 

By the time lunch was over we were totally wiped out. I was happy to kick up my feet and let Tyler make the drive back to Fruitland. 
We are so happy we could be there for Derek and Kim's sealing. It was our first time meeting Kim (we have only skyped with her... and that was when they were still dating!) We think she's super sweet, and Tyler and I were surprised that she was shorter than me. Both Derek and Kim looked incredibly happy and very in love. We wish them nothing but happiness together! 

Later that night we went to their reception in Nyssa, OR... where I'm quite positive the whole town showed up for. Of course when the bride and groom are both from small neighboring towns I guess it's easy for your guests to attend. It was beautiful reception, but I'm sad to say I didn't snap any photos inside (we were too busy trying to keep little kids happy). 
This is where we spent the majority of the time during the reception... in the adjoining field, letting the kids run to their heart's content. Uncle Trevor officiating the race for the boys. 

I can't even tell you how many times they ran back and forth... 
This picture sort of makes me laugh... notice how all the big boys are way out in front, Taylee's trailing way behind, and Zayden's looking like, 'I'm never gonna catch up mom...' 

Despite not being able to keep up with the big boys, Z did manage to run a good deal by himself. 

Sweet Taylee has a the cutest smile. 
And cute little Rylie's a firecracker, I think she gets that from her mom. ha ha 
Taking a break. :)
Whew, break times over... bring on the running again. This picture below makes me laugh. 
Prior to me snapping this picture of Braxton and Taylee she was sitting on top of his stomach and he said to her, 'Me like your shoes. They are beautiful.' Despite my B being such a rough housing boy he knows how to sweet to the girls. 
Zayden is not happy we won't pick him up. 
Break time again. :) 
Love B's smile. 
B and Taylee are buddies again. 

"Uh tick" 
Somehow the older boys ended up farther away from us under this pavilion and they had quite the time running and jumping from tables. 

Poor little Z, too small to keep up with the big kids. 

Daddy kisses. <3 font="">
By the end of the night we were all exhausted. But it was a fabulous day! 

Congratulations Derek and Kim Howard!