Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Day of Celebration

Saturday was the day Scott and Kelli were married. 
It was a really special event to attend their sealing in the Columbia River Temple. I shed a few tears, but mostly kept them under control (that is until we hugged them on the way out-- that's when I really had to get a grip!), but even Tyler said he shed a tear or two as well, so that doesn't make me feel too bad. 
We arrived on Thursday night so I could get started on Kelli's flowers. As promised I agreed to do all my sister in laws wedding flowers... thank goodness I'll only have Karter's future wife's flowers left to do (if she wants me to, that is) because it was a LOT of work! I was sort of stressed that I wouldn't be able to get it all done before wedding day, but by a sheer miracle it worked out. 
Following the sealing it was a jumbled mess of smiling for cameras while trying not to melt in the 97* sunshine, consoling kids who didn't want to smile, as well as wrestling a baby who was teething molars and battling a case of heat rash. There was a moment of frustration while dealing with all that chaos, but nothing could dispute the happiness we feel for Scott and Kelli and the decision they've made to be sealed together forever. 
The reception was held in a family friend's barn and after LOTS of hard work (on the Wilson family's part) it was transformed from a dirty old barn to a lovely "hall" for a fabulous party. 
Kelli had a grand vision and I must say no detail went unnoticed. Although I didn't take near enough pictures... I managed not to get a single one of all the flowers when they were fresh and looking their best, everything was absolutely stunning. Perhaps Kelli needs to think about a career in wedding planning? ;)

Our boys thoroughly enjoyed the candy buffet.... B had at least three huge sticks from the cotton candy machine, Z enjoyed white chocolate dipped wafers with sprinkles, Q had fun "manning" the drinks station, and Tyler and I were pleased to get a chance to share one dance together. 

 We were pleased to find that Kelli's whole family was warm and welcoming. They have quite the group of grandkids and these two buddied up by the end of the night.  Clearly they were happy to be out of the hot sun and chilling at a casual reception. (Note: Zayden has one of those wafers in his hand.) 

We were able to see some of my extended family that I haven't seen in years, enjoy good food, listen to some tender felt toasts, and see one of the happiest love bird couples we know host a killer party. 

I'm not gonna lie... it was crazy at times, but we wouldn't have missed it for anything. Nothing could keep us away from celebrating as yet another sibling starts their journey together as husband a wife. And to think.... we get to experience this all over again in two weeks when Derek gets married NEXT weekend! 
Top quotes from our wedding weekend celebration:
(Babysitters watched our older two while we met with both sides of the families on Friday night for a family dinner)
Babysitter: Braxton make sure you're careful on the trampoline cuz you see this? (pointing to small hole in it) You could fall through it if you're not careful. 
Braxton: No... me not fall through. Me have big head. 

***Maybe we should stop telling him he has a big head? ***

Tyler: Hey Quincy, did you know at the dinner mom and I went to I saw Kellen Moore? 
Quincy: Remind me who he is again?
Tyler: You know that football jersey you have?
Quincy: Yeah.
Tyler: That's HIS jersey.
Quincy: Wow! I've never met a REAL football player before! 

Kellen (who is married to Kelli's sister Julie is a former BSU quarterback and currently plays for the Detroit Lions in the NFL now) was such a good sport about taking a picture with the boys. :) 
And after all the fun and craziness was done, we left that night (getting home well after midnight) and this is what the boys looked like.............
I think it's safe to say.... the Lindquists and Wilsons know how to party hard...
We had such a great time!


Brooke said...

SO FUN! You seriously have the funnest family ever. And I am AMAZED at the flowers. I worked in a flower shop in high school and unfortunately don't have the talent of arranging.. seriously, it looks like a four-year-old's weird project when I try. haha, so I really am amazed at your talent! Your sisters-in-law are lucky to have you!

I LOVE the pink doors at the reception - what a cute idea!

Don't you love those get-togethers when everyone is absolutely exhausted at the end? Your boys are so cute. I love that picture of them completely passed out. Looks like it was a WONDERFUL day!

Kati Howard said...

Ha ha... Thanks Brooke! I actually graduated with my degree in Floral Design Mngmnt, so hopefully I have some sort of skills in that regard. I do LOVE it though, which makes it that much more enjoyable.

Yes, we were all 100% exhausted by the end, but all in all being with family (especially for special occasions makes it well worth all the craziness).