Friday, November 9, 2012

My Baby is on the GO!

Zayden's Stats:
Height: 28” (86%) – this was his 6 mo. stats
Weight: 18.85lbs (57%)
Z is so full of life right now. He laughs frequently at his silly brothers. He does this sweet little shy hiding thing (it reminds us of our niece Taylee) he loves to catch someone’s attention, give them a gigantic smile and then when they smile at him he buries his face in my shoulder as if he’s hiding. He is truly my happiest baby thus far; His smile is contagious. Not a single person could look at his bright little drooley grin and NOT smile in return. Zayden is especially ticklish on his tummy, his ribs, under his arms, and on his chunky little thighs. Tyler can never resist squishing his thighs, resulting in an adorable giggle.
Although he’s been rolling and scooting for a couple of months now, he is officially mobile… he’s been working on this skill over the past week and can now crawl pretty fast. He loves to crawl down to his brothers’ room at the end of our house and ‘play’ with them. They love it too, and I frequently find them trying to encourage him down to their “big kids” room.  Z can sit up by himself, although he prefers to be on the move. The other day I was sitting on the living room floor by him, turned my attention away for a few seconds and then looked back to see him sitting up on his knees holding onto the couch with his hands. He had somehow managed to pull himself up and was incredibly proud of himself.
Zayden is my little ray of sunshine; this kid makes me so happy. His hands are becoming more and more coordinated so as of late I haven’t been wearing much jewelry of any kind seeing as how he’s usually ripping it off me. Hair has also captured his interest, another reason my hair is often up. He loves grabbing buttons, drawstrings, electrical cords, and any small object his little eyes can hone in on.  I have to keep the floor pretty regularly vacuumed because I’ve found him eating paper, crayons, and once he had a little plastic skull ring in his mouth that B got for Halloween.
Speaking of his mouth he is working on his two front teeth, but has not a single one that has poked through. This hasn’t stopped him in the eating department. Zayden loves to be part of the ‘big kid’ eating experience. He loves picking up bread, cheerios, or other small items of food off his high chair tray and feeding himself. He likes bananas, apples, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, peaches, prunes, green beans, and any fruit mixture baby food. He does NOT like peas. He also does not like the premade baby food meals in a jar (ie. turkey, rice and veggies) he HATES them, and instead prefers to eat from the table. He is under the impression that any time WE are eating, HE should be too.  He hasn’t turned up his nose ONCE at something I’ve given him from the table, which makes me think that he prefers his mama’s cooking over the store bought stuff.
 Zayden likes to talk, blow raspberries with his lips, and laugh. He currently says the ‘da’ sound, along with others such as ‘th’ ‘ah’ ‘ba’ and a few more I can’t think of at the moment. He is only nursing 5 times throughout the day, usually an hour after he eats food.
He naps three times: once a short nap in the morning for about 20-30 minutes, a long afternoon nap for 2-3 hours, and a one later in the afternoon for 20-30 minutes. He sleeps 12 hours each night, and only since Daylight Savings has he been waking earlier that 8:00AM. 
He can clap his hands. He loves to knock towers over, he likes the ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’ song—‘If you’re happy and you know it’ and ‘Once there was a Snowman’. He loves playing peek a boo, and when we hide from him, popping out and saying ‘boo’. He loves to take baths and turns from back to stomach while bathing, splishing and splashing all over. He loves when Daddy comes home. He doesn’t like to snuggle too much, unless he’s tired or hungry. His hair is getting so long—he really needs a trim, but I’m trying to hold off until he can sit still a little better.
 We are so thankful Zayden is part of our family. He brings such joy to every one of us.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Clean teeth and spicy food?

Mid-October the boys went to the dentist. They did great, despite it being B's nap time. You can tell he's sleepy in the pictures.

Quincy did great, as usual, and even got his first x-rays. It was crazy to see his permanent teeth so close to his baby ones. Ah! He's growing up so fast!

After the allotted time for fluoride we hit up a nearby Mexican food restaurant for lunch. Clearly B is loving the chips and salsa. :)

It's so fun doing things as a family.
The boys also loved having their first shirley temples (pictured above.)

Photo Dump October

I just LOVE those blue eyes... and of course that adorable little smile!
 More lovin on Z.

 I hate not having a 'real' camera anymore. There are so many moments that I simply can't capture nicely with a camera off Tyler's phone. Any kind of movement results in creepy blurry faces. Sigh... why did I have to put our camera through the wash???

 FYI I don't approve of wrestling right next to a helpless baby!!

 I decided to finally try out skinny jeans. You see, I got those cute brown boots for $14.00 at Goodwill, brand new might I add, and I can't wear my regular jeans tucked in. Tyler informed me I was NOT allowed to wear skinny jeans and ballet flats, as he really hates that look, but he okayed the boots with skinny jeans look. Oh and I must confess that I LOVE them! They are so comfortable and living in a place where it rains 9 months out of the year the bottomw of my jeans are always getting soaked (I really should tailor my jeans). Now? No problem, put on the skinnies. :) 
 This picture of Tyler and I was before we went out for a date. A date which was meant to be romantic and instead we came back thoroughly creeped out. I was totally scared. Maybe too much of watching Grimm. ha ha I've become paranoid of creepy creatures in bushes at night.Well, that AND we heard something rustling in the bushes near where we were.... Ugh. **shiver**
At least the boys had fun playing with Grammie and Grandpa while we were gone. Thanks mom!

Boys. Boys. Boys...

This first picture cracks me up. Both of Z's big brothers think it's so funny to do goofy faces and they are often times mauling him. This time Z grabbed a handful of hair. Quincy said, "Ouch!" I told him that if he didn't want his hair pulled he better not get in Z's face so much. :)
Braxton had dubbed this face with the name: 'Big Eyes'. Clearly, it's a name well thought out.
 Quincy has lately become a fan of making silly faces for the camera. Then after I take the pictures he immediately wants to see himself.

 B loves Z... the two of them have a special relationship.

 Quincy reading us a book.
These pictures below are from a shopping trip. B is passed out and Q looks annoyed. Typical.

 Whatever one son does....
... the next ones follows with.
These pictures I took of Braxton one Sunday afternoon. He really can sleep anywhere and anytime. It's crazy. I would KILL to sleep like this.