Monday, January 14, 2013

New year.... new realizations....

I think it's time to admit that a major change has occurred in me.It was a change that was bound to happen, seeing as how it's all I've ever known; I LOVE having all boys! Seriously, they might be running circles around me almost all day long, bouncing off the walls non-stop, and "play" fighting for 4 hours straight, but they make up the differnece in so many other ways.

My boys are sweet and loving. They are creative and imaginative. They are encouraging to each other and excited about new stuff. They have so much life in them. They are hard workers, good examples, and strong willed. They are eager to learn. They are polite and thoughtful. My boys are NOT perfect, but they sure make my life worth living. I simply couldn't imagine having girls at this point. I feel sure that I was destined to be a mother to all boys, and that it's a GOOD thing.

I sure love them. They bring such joy to my life. Here they are, handsome as ever:

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Wii are the Nelsons said...

adorable pictures! you're a lucky one with these cuties =)