Tuesday, February 12, 2013

National Free Pancake Day @ I-Hop

After finding out that I-Hop was having free pancakes for National Pancake Day I decided we should take the boys out. I have to admit, it was rather nice to go out to eat for breakfast than it is to stay at home and do all the work and the clean up. 
Z was a little bit mad in this picture, he wanted his short stack!

Tyler and I actually got different dishes, I opted for strawberry french toast and he got the breakfast sampler.
The boys ate pretty much all their pancakes (which were three the size of that plate) and they had some of Zayden's. 
Z preferred his pancakes plain, without syrup. The boys liked trying different flavors-- B had Blueberry syrup and Q had Butter Pecan. 
Zayden trying to help dad pay the bill..... 

Don't mind my hair, I only had time to shower and go since we left around 8:30-- I had just bathed and dressed all three kids. 
My stinker not wanting to smile. 
Quincy trying to get B to smile... 
Hope you got to enjoy pancake too. :) 

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s + b said...

So fun! I LOVE IHOP!!! We haven't been forever because our kids despise restaurants :( but it looks like your kids loved it!