Monday, February 2, 2009

Escape to Paradise?

What do we do when Tyler's out of town?

Well, mostly we hang out around the house in our pajamas.... and if that gets old, which is ALWAYS does, then we get out. This proves to be easier said than done. It's difficult to get around Boise without a car; especially when it's 30* or colder outside. Luckily we do have a stroller, that is getting smaller by the day, and that's our transportation while Tyler's gone.

By the time Wednesday came around we, and mostly I, were sick of being in the house. I mean you can only take so much of looking at the same things every day before you just want to escape.

.................And escape we did....................

First we had to bundle up for the cold weather:

We went for a walk down the street, or rather across the street, to the Deseret Industries. It's always interesting to see what you can find. We didn't pick up anything. Then we headed further down the street to Other Mothers. Quincy liked this store more because I let him play on the toys.
He had so much fun in this toy car. Unfortunately, another little boy saw all the fun he was having and hopped in the car while Quincy was out for a minute. Quincy was a little bit upset, but to my surprise did not retaliate by hitting or throwing a fit. What a good boy!


lindquist said...

Q bear next time someone steals a mans car ,U grab him by the hair throw him out beat him to a pulp and head down the road...

lindquist said...

Another F*A*K*E Grammie comment...

Grammie thinks you look very mischievous in that second picture. And your mom looks really cute, too.

I guess I'd have to agree slightly with Grandpa about stealing the car... except when you karate chop the kid you make sure nobody is watcing!

I can't wait to see you again, Q.

Grammie loves you the MOST!