Saturday, February 28, 2009

A night out:

Thursday night Justin, a friend from our ward, called to invite us to join a big group of friends for dinner at a place called Tangos. We had never heard of it before, but decided to go anyways. So last night we headed over to Tangos with 3 other couples... the Cranny's, the Bank's, and the Higbee's. The food was delicious!

We both ordered Empanadas..... I got the Gardel (pulled chicken in a spicy marinara sauce) and Tyler order a the new Pork Empanada (pulled pork, potatoes, and green salsa) and the Hawaiian Empanada (ham, pineapple and mozzarella cheese). It was all very yummy!

Besides the tasty food... they were at great prices! Who can beat $4.00 for a dinner for two? We even ordered dessert empanadas.... I got the Caribe, and Tyler got the Cocoa. Halfway through Tyler finishing his dessert empanada he realized he was eating mine. Ooops... they were both really good!

In addition to great food and prices they had wonderful service. The man who served us is pictured below.

No, I didn't take his picture
... this is off of their website. He was hilarious and so nice. He's the kind of guy you remember after you leave and walk away thinking you've known him all your life. We had a blast. It was so nice to get together with our friends from the ward. Thanks Justin and Jessica for inviting us!
After we finished dinner it was only 7:30PM, we were feeling a little adventurous, if you will, and decided that we couldn't all go back home just yet. I spoke up and told everyone that they were more than welcome to come over to our house. Half-way home I thought... hmmm I wonder what kind of condition our house was left in. It wasn't too bad and our friends didn't mind one bit. Though I was a bit embarrassed because it usually looks nicer. The girls and babies spent a good hour talking in our living room and the guys played basketball on Quincy's hoop in his room. Funny to think about those three grown men playing in a 18 month old's room.
We meant to play games, but everyone just got caught up talking. It was fun. We hope to go out with our friends again soon.
Thanks everyone for a great time!

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