Thursday, February 26, 2009

Busy Part II

The rest of the week didn't let up.

Tuesday I called up my second cousin, Sabrina, to get together with her and her kids. She is amazing. She is just a couple years older than me and has 5.... yes 5 kids! Her third pregnancy was with triplets!! Yikes.... AND did I mention she's probably my size?! I could barely keep one baby inside my belly without the seams of my skin bursting... I can't even imagine three! It was all natural.... no doctors putting three babies in or that kind of stuff. Do you know the odds of conceiving natural triplets? Like 1 in a million.... or something like that. Crazy!

She has a 6 year old boy, a 4 year old girl, and 2 year old triplet girls. Talk about having your hands full. It was fun to catch up with her. Quincy and I went over to her house while Tyler studied at the library. To say that Quincy was overwhelmed when we walked through the door would have been putting it lightly. I think he was a little terrified of all those kids at once. He clung to me for the first 20 minutes before he decided it was safe to play with the other kids.

I had such a good time talking and catching up with my cousin. We ended up staying well past our welcome, and before I knew it she was inviting our family for dinner. I told her we couldn't do that and she insisted we did because they were just ordering Papa Murphy's pizzas.

After I picked up Tyler at the library we headed back to their house, had yummy pizza, and played Rockband. It was my first time playing.... and so of course it was a learning experience... I stuck to singing and let the other's rock out with their instruments. Tyler wasn't pleased with his bass skills, but I think we all had a fun time.

When we got back we were all exhausted.

Wednesday was just as busy with Activity Days for me.

Before we knew it Thursday had come around. And.....drum roll please.................................Tyler passed his life insurance test. I'm so proud of him. He was really worried about taking it, but I assured him-- as I always do-- that he would do great! And he did!

Later that night I let him go play Basketball with the guys while I stayed home to watch a movie. I figured he deserved to go out and celebrate.

On Friday we had tickets to go see the girls BSU vs. Utah State basketball game. I was extra excited because I would get to see a former Vancouver-ian friend play in the game. She's a junior at Utah State and starts. She's so tall, I think 6'3......

The game was awesome. I'm not one to watch much sports, but it was genuinely a good game. In the beginning Utah State was getting killed by 20 points. Of course everyone was thrilled since it was held at BSU. I felt bad a few times for cheering loudly when Utah State scored. Sorry BSU, any fellow friend of mine always takes priority over where I'm living. Nikki was able to pick up the team's spirits in the second half and they made a great comeback with a final score of 55 to 51. I was excited... I think everybody watching enjoyed it. The last 2.00 minutes were a 1 point game.

Thank you Nikki for our did a GREAT JOB!!

These were some pictures I took during their warm up for the second half. Nikki is #50 shooting the ball.

These were the BSU players.

And because Nikki was able to put our names on a list to get into the game for free we had her put Tyler's parent's names onas well. Quincy had fun watching the game, sitting with his grandpa Kent and eating all the popcorn he could ever want. His grandpa went to take him down to see Buster the Bronco....... which from a distance Quincy enjoyed pointing at..................this is what happened:

He was all but in tears when grandpa and him got close.
We had so much fun going out....................this is only the second part of our crazy week.

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lindquist said...

Poor Quincy! If I was there i would have busted "Buster" in the chops to make Q feel better! Oh how we wish he were clinging to US! sigh... I know, I know... he WILL when he comes. But we just hate missing out on everything.

I do like how Quincy was sporting the team colors. Good job Mom.