Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mama's got a brand new bag, Papa's got a new pair of shoes, and Baby's got a big boy tie!

Saturday we went as a family to the Nampa Civic Center for a Wedding Show. I was curious to see what the latest trends were and, frankly, who and what my competition had to offer. Although Tyler would have much rather stayed home with Quincy, he agreed to tag along with me. It turned out to be pretty nice for all of us. There were many vendors, and lots of things to sample and take home. Unfortunately, I'm not a bride.... but when asked by people we politely included that Tyler's sister is getting married in May. (Congrats Kelly-- we can't wait.) All in all, we went away from the affair with full stomachs. I went away from it having a better idea of what else is available to people. It's great to see what makes other companies successful.

After we were stuffed from sampling artichoke dip on garlic bread, salmon, BBQ chicken, pulled roast beef, salsa dips, chips, margaritas (virgin might I add), chocolates, cake sample etc....... we headed over to the Nampa Kartcher Mall. We headed into the Macy's outlet, which I love because you get great quality clothing for a quarter of the price. Literately, everything is 75% off!

Tyler got a whole new outfit which would have originally cost $300, we paid $78!!

I love a good bargain.

I got a new bag.

And Quincy got a big boy tie. We've been trying to find one his size for quite some time, bu have been unsuccessful until now.

To say the least, by 3:00 we were all pooped. Quincy couldn't even stay awake for longer than 30 seconds:

All those pictures were taken Sunday.... it was a rough day for Quincy. Chalk it up to a long Saturday with a short nap, and shots the previous Friday. Poor Quincy. I took him to nursery and waited for him to get settled with his puzzle in his chair. I left without him making a peep. About 20 minutes later one of the nursery leaders brought him to me. He was covered in tears and snot. It was just a rough day for him. I hope it won't become a habit, but I really believe it had to do more with his long hard weekend.

Boy am I glad that Tyler gets to take care of him this week while I work Wednesday- Saturday.

And that's it! That was our weekend in a wrap. Hope yours was nice.


Lance and Becky said...

We sell ties for Quincy size at Nordstrom and they are the cutest thing EVER! I am glad he and Tyler both got big boy ties.

Katie Stacey said...

I like Quincy's new tie. So cute.

lindquist said...

nice outfits u r to cute Qbear cantwait to see u
xxoo lgl

lindquist said...

Girls go crazy about a sharp dressed man!