Thursday, February 26, 2009

There is a nurutring side to my son.

Last Christmas Quincy's grandparents gave him these marshmallows.

He finally finished them.....with some help from Elmo.

Sometimes Quincy gets in these silly moods where he does funny stuff. I was cleaning out his closet and pulled out his stroller so I could vacuum. He climbed up into it by himself and sat there as if he were going to go for a ride. Then he decided that he needed to take Elmo on his pretend walk.

After he got tired of pretend walks, Tyler kept him happy with the fruity marshmallows. I'm guessing he was in a generous mood because he continued to "share" his mallows with Elmo in this fashion:

One for me........

One for Elmo............

Just Kidding.....two for me and NONE for Elmo.


Katie Stacey said...

Savannah loves that game too. It always seems to help her to eat.

lindquist said...

Quincy is funny. I wouldn't share my snacks with Elmo eiter! He can get for himself!

PS - Dad and I want you to please change the order of your songs on your playlist. Everytime we get on your spot, we hear the same first song over and over and over! I LOVE your new layout though. Yes, of course I'd notice