Friday, November 1, 2013

Making Moments Special

Our Saturday's have become quite busy. The mornings are filled with chores or errands and then we have to squeeze in lunch before Quincy's basketball games. Last weekend was MY turn to take the oldest boys to the movie theater to watch Monsters University. They loved it and I'm sure Tyler had fun hanging with Zayden at home and making dinner. ;) 

After we got back and finished eating dinner the boys wanted to help dad vacuum the car. I came out 20 minutes later to see that they were not cleaning out the car, but had raked up a huge pile of leaves and were squealing with delight while flocking about in them. Tyler would lift them into the air and gently plop them into the gigantic pile. Our next door neighbor loved seeing them play and stayed out there with us while our kids jumped about to their hearts content in that pile of leaves. 

They played until it was nearly dark outside and as we were about to head back inside Braxton exclaimed, "This is the best day ever!" And in that moment I realized that my children don't need fancy things or for us to have lots of money, but that they truly treasure the small and simple things in life....

That being together is the greatest gift we can give them as parents. 

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