Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Bubble Boy(s)

Since we've all been sick... a favorite pass time around our house is bath time. (Quincy was really excited the day I put on my swimsuit and hopped into the tub with them -- which I might add is not so big of a tub from 3 people! -- They had a blast with me in there and we squirted Braxton's new bath toys are each other.)

Braxton especially loves taking baths and we can frequently find him trying to dive into the tub fully clothed. The boys have a special eucalyptus scented bubble bath for colds (which I might add is quite pungent) and they love it! It really has helped with clearing out their little snotty noses, not to mention all the moisture in the air! :)

My apologies for some of the fuzzy looking pictures... there was a lot of steam in there! My lens kept fogging up.


Katie Stacey said...

That's awesome that you got in the tub with them!

Kati Howard said...

Well, of course not while taking these particular pictures, but yes. I DID. :) It was fun.

lindquist said...

It reminds me of when I would pour bowls of hot, soapy water on the kitchen floor and then let your brothers slide around it in their undies! The thought they were getting away w something and *I* thought I was getting free floor cleaning!

I love Q & B!