Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Grandparents from Idaho come to visit!

It finally happened.... after months of guilt trips and threats, and begging and pleading from Quincy we finally managed to get Kent and Teesy over here for a visit! They came last week for the weekend... arriving Saturday morning and leaving Sunday afternoon. We wish they could have stayed a little longer because there was so much we wanted to do!

Pics above were from Taco Bell.

Quincy cooking us something in their 'grocery store'.

As you can see the boys spent at LEAST 10 full minutes with this vacuum ball machine thing. They LOVED it!

Since we had a whole Saturday with them we decided to first take them over to the Adidas employee store (Tyler can occasionally get passes from a co-worker). It was fun to go, we got a t-shirt for Derek and Quincy got a new jacket. When we were done we headed over for a quick lunch at Taco Bell. We wanted to take them to Burgerville... but discovered too late that the only one close to us downtown was back on the other side of the river.

Quincy found ROCKY! :)

And wanted to take him for a walk. lol

Braxton busy answering phones in the Pet hospital department.

The 'cone of shame'. :)

Braxton loved the fish.

When we were all full of tacos we headed to the Portland's Children Museum. It was Saturday afternoon and quite busy with lots of kids, but the boys had a blast. There was SO much to do and after a few hours we had had enough... or rather all us adults had had enough, and were ready to head home for a little rest before going out to dinner.
Quincy was a little apprehensive about the water works area.... but soon discovered he loved it!

After letting Grandpa Kent and grandma Teesy take a quick nap we took them to The Ram Restaurant. Tyler and Kent really wanted to watch the BYU vs San Diego State basketball game... and since The Ram is a sports bar/ grill style Restaurant we were able to watch the game. The food was delicious and the company was even better.

Grandma Teesy got sandwiched between the grandsons at dinner. Lucky her!

When we finally went home I think we were all pretty tired from our busy day. Sunday Kent and Teesy went to sacrament meeting with us and had to part ways to make the long trip back to Fruitland. :(

It was SO great to see you and we hope you had as much fun as we all did. You guys are welcome back ANY time!!

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Teesy Howard said...

We had a great time!! Next time we won't wait so long to come back.