Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Tyler

My handsome husband is now the ripe age of 32. 
He is officially **INTO** his thirties. 
It's not a bad thing. 
Sure I tease him about being an "old man" and all every once in a while, but really Tyler has softened in all the right areas with his mature age number. 

He is such a wonderful dad. Having three boys in our house is the ideal ratio of boys to girls in our home, according to Tyler... but don't let that fool you. Yes, he can most definitely wrestle with the best of them. Run circles with the kids til they all pass out. He can shoot, throw, and hit balls of all shapes and sizes. He likes to watch sports with the boys and eat lots of red meat, BUT he knows how to make a wife feel special. 

He knows how to take her shopping every once in a while.He knows how to hold her hand in the car while the kids are fighting and she wants to turn around and go home. He knows how to say kind things to her when she feels a little discouraged about all the uncertainties of parenthood. He knows how to bring home an unexpected treat every now and then. And he sure knows when to give a much needed hug or embrace to prevent a fountain of tears. 

Yes. I have to conclude that age rests very well on my Tyler and I'm we're both thankful that it hasn't taken all his hair away.... yet. :) I asked Tyler what he wanted for his birthday breakfast and after informing him what ingredients we actually had he chose homemade sweet little biscuits. I make them from scratch and they were flaky, and crispy, and soft in the most perfect ratio. It was an added bonus to eat them fresh out of the oven with the homemade blueberry jam that I made from all our berry picking escapades these past few months of summer. 

(Feeling like Susie homemaker over here... )

Oh. And did I mention I got all the kids to be quiet enough to let him sleep til 9:00?? 
That's why he looks all sleepy in this breakfast picture. 

(I dream of a scenario when my sleep schedule allows me to sleep in that late.)
Yum yum.... perfect biscuits from my mom's homemade recipe. 
Unfortunately we still had church seeing as how it was Sunday, BUT I managed to get all the kids ready and let him watch football ALL morning and afternoon long. Oh and I think all night long too. Let's just say it was a lot of football. However, it was HIS birthday, not MINE. :)

Don't my boys all look so cute? 
Q even took a picture of us, as we never have one with both of us in it. 
Tyler's dinner request was Kings Hawaiian Ham and Swiss Cheese Sliders. I threw in green beans cuz we needed a balanced meal, although when they're fresh from the garden and sauteed with garlic, onions, salt, and pepper... Tyler was okay with that. 
For our anniversary I had planned to make a seven layer smores cake that I found on Pinterest. Never got around to it and we decided to improvise and make a 6 layer birthday cake with a hershey's chocolate chip cookie layers, a fudgy brownie layer, cream cheese frosting layer, and mini M&M's. I'll admit it was exhausting making all this food from scratch all day especially since it all had to be done BEFORE church since the cake had to cool before layering. Did I mention how much I dislike 2-5:00 church? (Only 3 more months.... ) 

Like a true BSU fan sporting the blue and orange.... 
Happy Birthday Tyler! 
We are so lucky to have you as part of our family and it was an honor celebrating YOU. 

Oh and for part of his "present" he gets to play golf ALL day Saturday. How fun... for him. :)

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