Friday, January 31, 2014

Living Separately

Since the beginning of the school year when Quincy moved into his own room Braxton and Zayden have been forced to be buddies. For the most part they do pretty well playing together, though they do have their moments of blood curdling screams and throwing cars at one another. 

When Zayden was finally old enough to go to nursery we hoped the transition would be made easier because Braxton would be with him for 6 months. Now starting the new year B has moved up Primary, where he's being challenged in the skills of sitting still and learning to sing songs. He has a fairly small class of 6 kids and told us last week about Samuel and the Lion's Den. We tried to convince him his name was Daniel, he wasn't buying it. It's been an interesting phase of having them separated during the last hours of church. B is learning much more and Zayden has developed a sense of independence playing on his own in nursery. He has really become involved in the nursery singing time and is doing very well. 

Despite being separated during the last two hours of church these two are still pretty good buddies at home. 
This makes me happy. 

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Loren Lindquist said...

That's pretty cute. Scotty & Karter were always good buddies cuz of age and because they shared a room most their lives.