Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Day After Christmas

Tyler had to work the next day (which was a bummer) and we ended up leaving for Idaho after he got off work Friday night. It's not the first time we've made a late night drive. It has it's pros and cons... one being that the kids sleep in the car because it's dark-- which makes for a quiet drive, but we don't sleep-- which makes for a tired following morning. Saturday Tyler's sister, Kelly, was blessing their newest baby girl so we hopped in the car to drive to Jerome. Kent and Teesy drove with our kids (which I'm sure was entertaining for them). It was a lot of driving, but good to catch up with Derek and Kim, who rode with us, while making the drive. 

Unfortunately I didn't pictures of our cutest newest niece, she was tiny and precious and sleeping. I chalk all these missed photo opportunites up to lack of sleep. Kelly and Mike did take some pictures of everyone though, so the picture taking wasn't lost on everyone. :) We stayed for a few hours and Mike's family hosted a great little lunch. Eventually we said our goodbyes and hoped to beat the incoming snowstorm going home. 

We made pretty good time, going back to Fruitland, and Tyler was driving great despite weather conditions. Things were pretty smooth sailing until we hit the off ramp to the Fruitland exit. I felt that we were going a little too fast for the off ramp, but Tyler's the expert snow driver, so I didn't say anything. As he was slowing down and we were rounding the curve, our car started to slide in the direction of the metal guard rail. It was so scary seeing our car move towards it and knowing that we were going to hit. By some miracle (which I'm giving credit to my father in-laws morning prayer before we all traveled) we stopped about a foot before hitting the railing. I think we were all so relived and shocked that we didn't hit it. I'm so grateful we were safe the rest of the way home too. 

The boys had fun playing in the snow that night and Sunday morning before church. They also thoroughly enjoyed beating up Uncle Derek and playing with the dogs, and riding fourwheelers, and visiting Grandma Howard (who loads them up with cookies).

We are so glad we could visit Idaho again. 
(Quincy claims he never sleeps in...) 
(Bundling up to go outside was a regular occurrence when we were there) 
(Snowball fight before church) 
(Passed out on the way to church because of snowball fight)
(Beating up playing with Uncle Derek) 
(Got some treasures from Grandma Howard- vintage thread!) 
(Trying grapefruit for the first time-- they didn't like it) 
(A gorgeous snowy day to leave.) 

(Beautiful snowy roads home up in the pass) 
(Last hour in the car is brutal) 
(Home again, home again... hello sunshine!)

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