Thursday, January 15, 2015

Christmas Morning

It seems like each year Christmas morning goes by quicker and quicker. 
The kids woke up around 7:15 and were eager to go see what Santa brought. Tyler put a chair at the end of our hallway blocking off the living room. This deterred them for a bit before they came into our room hoping to get us out of bed. They were all opening things at the same time and so quickly that I couldn't really capture it all good enough. Braxton was really excited that he got The Flash action figure from Santa and the Planes 2 Fire and Rescue movie. Quincy got his Lego Star Wars set, new chapter books and the Lego Movie. Zayden loved his new puzzles, and a drill from Santa. 
It's so much fun seeing the excitement on their faces.

20 minutes later they were breaking in their new toys and games and were having a blast!

After we spent a couple hours at home playing, watching the new Home Alone 2 movie, showering and getting dressed we headed up to Vancouver to see everyone else and have Christmas dinner. I didn't take many pictures while we were up there, and I regret that now, but we were just busy hanging out, playing games, and eating. 
It's always great to be with family during the holidays. 

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