Saturday, January 17, 2009

At 17 Months Quincy can do the Following things:

I know, I know... I'm a couple of days late. I would have posted this earlier when Quincy technically turned 17 months.... BUT we didn't have internet that day. By some gracious miricle from the Lord we are getting it in our bedroom today.
Quincy is up to lots of new things this month. Besides the update I gave from last week.... he has learned to climb on almost anything, as pictured below. He is so resourceful... just look at the way he has scooted the crock pot box up close to the counter so he can reach into the kitchen sink to help with the dirty dishes! By the way, I'm so embarassed to have a picture with all the dirty dishes in the sink.

On a more spiritual note Quincy has learned to fold his arms for prayers. Although he doesn't always do this consistently........and the arm folding doesn't usually last through an entire dinner prayer, but Hey! Aren't we just so proud he has learned to do it period?

Quincy has also learned to say his animal sounds like: quack quack for a duck, meow for a cat, and woof for a dog. If we had a video camera I would have posted this because he sounds really cute saying them. Just today he was learning what a bird says, tweet tweet. He is just a fountain of knowledge these days!

Quincy has also learned to hold a fork by himself.... and to feed himself! He loves eating with utensils now and does it with almost any food. I caught him trying to eat dry cereal with a fork... talk about a challenge, he was trying so hard to get that cereal to stay on his fork while he lifted it to his little mouth. I know this isn't a great picture of him, but you get the idea.
Quincy is also in the process of learning to hold up two fingers. We are trying to teach him this before his second birthday. He knows how to hold up two pointer fingers, but not 2 fingers on one hand. He can say two though... we've been asking him, "How old are you gonna be on your birthday Quincy?" To which he replies with a huge smile, "tu". WAaaaaYYY cute. I tried to get him to hold up his fingers but he wouldn't.

Pretty soon he'll just be talking up a storm..... I'm sure you can't wait to hear that. :)


Lindsey said...

Connor and I love reading the Quincy updates and checking out the pictures. We are so amazed at how much he has grown in the short time that we have known you. We miss the entertainment he provided during church. Is he going to nursery yet or do you still have a few more weeks? How are things going in Boise? Anything new or exciting? We are so mad at ourselves for letting Christmas break slip by without getting together with you guys. You will just have to come back again soon. I thought you and Tyler might be happy to know that apparently the CTR 5 class is my calling in life because just 2 weeks a go I was called to teach their class. It makes church a very entertaining experience for sure...and it will be even more so when I am trying to juggle the 6 four year olds and a new baby. Yay! We hope that life is going well, we miss you guys!

lindquist said...

Qbear keep up the good work of getting into everything..ur really cute w ur arms folded say ur prayers w mom and dad and FOR mom and dad thier learning right along w you ....
xxoo lgl

The Brew Crew! said...

I just cannot believe how big Q is getting! He is just so handsome! I love reading about the new things he can do. They just grow so fast! It is really funny when we are so proud of the new "talent" our child has learned and others look at you like "hmmm... that doesn't seem so difficult at all..." Even the simplest things they learn are so EXCITING! Guess you just have to be a parent to understand :)

lindquist said...

Quincy, you look VERY reverent folding your arms! (while balancing on top the couch!)! Good job! Maybe you could help Uncle Kar Kar know what to do during the prayers. Grammie loves you and is proud of all your new tricks! Keep up the good work everyone!