Saturday, January 17, 2009

Beauty in the heart of sadness....

Just last year the daughter of a woman in our ward passed away at the young age of 30. I had the opportunity to give of my services in helping with the funeral flowers. The family didn't have a large budget for the funeral last year and so the daughter was cremated. They requested that I make a wreath of silk flowers to go around the urn. I was pleased to help where I could and gave of my services for free.

Although the family is inactive, I hope that because of the love and service given by members in our ward they will someday feel comfortable enough to start coming to church again. This year I was called again by the Relief Society president to help with the mother's funeral flowers. I, again, was glad to help. Though I feel it was unfortunate that the same family who mourned a death last year for a daughter & niece is now mourning for a sister & mother.... it was somehow easier for me to work with the family. I felt much more comfortable offering words of kindness to them.

I think the flowers turned out nicely... they were exactly what they requested, a wreath for the urn and a long low arrangement to sit in front of a large picture of the woman who died.
This is a birds eye picture of the low arrangement:

And this was how the wreath for the urn turned out:

There are some things I like and don't like about being a floral designer. One thing I don't enjoy the most about my line of work is having to deal with mourning families. But the thing that makes funeral work easier on them and myself is knowing that I can give ugly circumstances a beautiful piece of art to remember their loved ones by.
I hope that all of you can show love to the ones you love most today!


Kristen Miles said...

Those flowers are lovely, and what you did to help that family was admirable!

The Undertaker said...

The flowers are really nice. I am a death care consultant and your blog caught my eye. It made me think about how death affects floral designers. Thank you.
I have seen the effects flowers have on a grieving family. Flowers bring color, beauty, emotion, and energy to a memorial gathering.
For more ideas on flowers for a funeral check out...

Jennifer P. said...

I know that the flowers at a funeral bring a sense of beauty to an otherwise sad moment. I love seeing the room filled with arrangements sent with love to help comfort a grieving family.

Your arrangements were gorgeous! and I'm sure very appreciated by the family.

The Cranes said...

The flower arrangements are just beautiful Kati! You are so talented. I think it is great that you were able to donate your time and talents to this family. I just love seeing you and your family at church each week, you are such a great family and just can light up a room! How is Quincy doing with the potty training? He is just growing so quickly, I am sure I don't have to remind you though :)

Kati Howard said...

Ms. Undertaker.... Out of sheer curiosity, I would like to know just how you came across my blog.

Thank you everyone for the nicest comments... I love what I can do and am always obliged to help others out with what talents I have.

lindquist said...

all right we want a new background something peppy or valentiny. and a good one that does not blend with the words so grammie can read it


qbear say mooooo

lindquist said...

Um, I don't think "GRAMMIE" has trouble reading.. (or trouble using capitalization, punctuation, etc.) cough cough!

The REAL Grammie

Q - say tweet tweet!

Kati Howard said...

I knew from the second I read that imposter grammie comment it wasn't the real grammie writing. It's still January... I'll change it to something else in February!