Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Birthday To ME

Now that the month is ALMOST over I thought I'd try and play catch up.

We have had a busy and eventful month of April. Of course our month kicked off with my birthday. Yes. I am officially a quarter of a century now. Quite frankly it was slightly depressing... something about the number 25 and thinking that I'm no longer in my "early twenties".... now it's "mid twenties"... it just sounds old. But like the wonderful card I got from my in laws said: 'You might be older than you've ever been before... but you're still younger than you'll ever be again!' True words to live by... and while I am only a mere 25 this year....... Tyler will be a whole 30! :) Now THAT sounds even older! Ha ha.

My birthday was quite wonderful, as any 25th birthday SHOULD be. :) Tyler sent me off for a 1 hour long massage at Hand and Stone. Later for lunch we headed over to Quiznos, my favorite lunch place. After which we headed up here to my parents to visit and drop the boys off while Tyler took me out for a Birthday dinner at PF Changs in downtown Portland. The food was delicious, the restaurant was tasteful decorated, and best of all our service was wonderful. It was so nice to be out with Tyler on a birthday date. When we finally wrapped up my birthday dinner we came back and had cheesecake..... and NO there were no candles involved! After all, it was late and we all just wanted to eat the cake. :) Thank you everyone who helped to make my birthday a special one this year.

Not only did I get to do all those fun things for my birthday... I got to hear the prophet and his apostles speak. What a wonderful gift. I loved hearing many of the talks. It used to be difficult to celebrate a birthday on conference weekend, but I find that as I get older... and clearly I'm doing plenty of that.... that the special opportunity to hear the counsel of righteous men is a privilege for ones birthday. The words we hear from those leaders are so uplifting. I'm so thankful for my family, my Savior, and my God.

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Wii are the Nelsons said...

Glad you had a good birthday! Cute outfits on everyone.