Saturday, April 23, 2011

Funny Quincy

It seems as of late that Quincy is really starting to look grown up. His legs seems longer, his talking is more thoughtful and the things that we hear from him are often quite funny.

The other day he asked if he could play outside on our patio since it was a relatively mild and sunny day. I told him he could but he had to put some shoes on first. He came back with these on:

Quincy said to me.... "Mom, are these on the right feet? 'Cuz they kinda hurt. Maybe they are on the wrong feet.?"

I couldn't help but smile and insisted that I take his picture first before telling him that you do not need socks on under your flip flops. :)

Quincy is now in sunbeams and for the most part it has been a positive experience for him. Recently our Stake was putting together a "blanket drive", for lack of a better term. They were asking members to donate blankets that were twin size or bigger to Japan. Our Primary children were even involved in the process. A Stake Primary Leader came in to talk to the kids....

[Tyler was sitting in the back of primary to supervise because Quincy was having a rough time getting settled ]

Here is the account he gives on what was said:

Stk Lady standing in front of the primary talking to ALL the kids: "Do any of you kids have a favorite blanket?"

Quincy (who's standing right in front of her be/c he's in the sunbeams row jumps up): "I DO! IT'S BLUE!"

Stk Lady (trying to keep addressing everyone): "Well can you imagine if your favorite blanket got lost?"

Quincy (still thinks this is two person conversation): "Oh, no. My blanket's not lost! It's at home.

Stk Lady (seeing that Quincy is not going to give up this "two person conversation" finally says to just him): " Well, you know what? The kids in Japan LOST their favorite blankets."

Quincy (looking puzzled): "Well, I don't live in JAPAN... I live in Oregon!"

[Tyler admits that he could hardly contain himself while listening to our child during this whole conversation. Indeed, many of the teachers were smiling and chuckling under their breath.]

Yes. Our little Quincy is quite the funny kid. :)


Katie Stacey said...

I love the flip flops with socks look! Savannah does the same thing in Sunbeams. She treats every question like it was personally directed at her and gets so frustrated when they don't respond to her. Quincy sure is cute!

Wii are the Nelsons said...

I love listening to little Primary kids explain things - so cute!