Friday, April 5, 2013

Zayden's Birthday Party

The end of March was SO busy for us with Z's birthday party and Easter in the same weekend, then the following Tuesday was my birthday (no big party for me...) It's taken me this long to recover from all the partying we did to find some time to sit and blog about it. We didn't do anything over the top for Zayden's birthday. We did invite me parents to come and also held our Easter dinner late that afternoon since we have 2:00PM church. So that counts for something. The weather was absolutely fabulous, we couldn't have asked for better and so as you ca see, we spent the majority of the time outside soaking in that glorious sunshine. Z was a-okay with that. :) 
I just LOVE his cheesy smile! And that little scrunched up nose!
With all the lovely weather we had last weekend (in stark contrast to the weather we're having THIS weekend-- that's Spring in the PNW for ya!) we discovered that Zayden HATES grass! He usually refuses to sit on it, or even attempt to walk on it. He would pout until someone would come rescue him. 
Tyler spent most of the day watching March Madness games and the boys had their own real life version of March Madness outside with Grandpa Loren. :) 
The day before his birthday I spent an afternoon nap session blowing up 30 balloons (til I felt like I was going to pass out) and then stringing them on thread and hanging them from the ceiling. Z LOVED this. It was really cool looking and much easier than tying them to string and tacking them to the ceiling like I had originally planned to. 
Our Easter/ Party table. 

Love all the daffodils in bloom this time of year. 
Mmmmm... mom's shoes. 
I made Zayden a Strawberry Angel food layered cake. Everyone liked it... including Z!
Getting a little impatient about wanting his cake... 
Grandpa Loren let him have a taste of the cool whip "frosting"-- he LOVED that!
Of course, following Easter dinner (which I took no pictures of) and cake, was time for presents. 
All in all, I think Zayden had a great first birthday!

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