Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Three Amigos

Our weather, as of lately, has been absolutely beautiful! And we have spent the past week outside soaking in every ray of sunshine. I LOVE  the fact that we have a yard to play in this year. Our boys desperately needed this last year. They love playing with balls in the backyard, jumping in the swiming pool, and digging up the dirt. In the front yard they love riding bikes, pushing toy lawnmowers, playing with sidewalk chalk, and racing in the grass. 

This place is divine after spending all those years cooped up in an apartment. Boys are pre-destined to be busy, oh what kind of torture it is when you don't have a space for them to get their wiggles out?

This picture of these three cracks me up. Quincy in rainboots and sunglasses? He loves that he can slip them on and he doesn't have to worry about keeping them clean... ha ha
Little Z is anxious to be like the big boys. He can climb on this fourwheeler by himself, but can't push it along yet. I give him til the end of summer to figure it out. He sure keeps up for being so little. 
Braxton has inherited Quincy's old bike and has been EXTREMELY motivated (I promised he could get some ice cream if he learned to pedal by himself) to ride it like a big boy. This picture was right before he biffed it. Notice the wheels off the ground?? 
We got Quincy this spiderman bike at Salvation army for ten bucks. It's definitely more suited to his height. He sure has grown a lot lately. 
My three amigos. 
After his crash, he kept going... 

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