Sunday, June 9, 2013

Annual HD Fire Department Open House

The Hazel Dell F.D. always puts on a wonderful open house... it's definitely worth the drive up to my parents. They boys love all the fire trucks and activities they have going on, including the free food, drinks, and snacks there. They loaded up on popcorn, hot dogs, chips, and sno-cones.

 They were in heaven. 

This year we decided (since the weather was absolutely gorgeous) to get in line for the fire hose. It was pretty long and slow moving, but since we all had snacks, sno-cones, and sunshine we didn't mind one bit. The boys loved spraying the demo house with that giant hose. 

Don't you love that muffin top above the boys' heads? :) 
That was our view the whole time we were in that line. 

Zayden had a permanent blue stash above his lips from all the sno-cone slurping. 

After the boys finally got to spray the giant fire hose they went inside a huge bus and had fun exploring. Quincy even told me excitedly, "They even had a bathroom in there!" 

Happy Z.... 
Thanks Grammie and Grandpa Loren for letting us come visit! 

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