Tuesday, June 11, 2013

DIY Project #4

This is my last DIY project for a while.... ha ha ha. At least that's what I tell Tyler. 

But seriously?

 These chairs were in desperate need of some major TLC. 

I vow to never get any upholstered chairs for dining seating ever again. More "comfortable" you say??

 No, more work is what I say. 

When you've got three little piggies eating their dinner and approximately 45% of it ends up on your chairs, table and the floor... it's time for drastic measures to be taken. I convinced Tyler that we NEEDED to recover these. After going back and forth, I almost covered them in waterproof shower curtains, I finally decided to get a fabric I liked and then cover it with heavy duty plastic. Yes, the kind your great grandma had on her couches that she wanted to keep clean. It may not be the most beautiful thing in the world to see that plastic covering my fabric, but trust me.... after ONE meal I am praising the Lord that I did! It makes clean up SO much more feasible. 

Tyler wasn't thrilled with another DIY project, lets be honest, when is ever thrilled about DIY? But he was happy that no staples were involved. And he was happy with the idea of me salvaging what we already had instead of dragging the kids and him through furniture stores in hunting for a new dining set. I mean, are we eventually going to replace this tiny one we have? Yes. After all, there are only 4 chairs and we are a family of 5 now... so it's inevitable. But for now? It's working. 

After getting the fabric at Craft Wharehouse (it was nearly impossible to choose with all the cute patterns and colors they have) and walking out spending only $9.00, Tyler was pleased. I found that heavy duty plastic at Walmart on a big roll. I needed like 1.5 yards so I spend around $3.00. Paint was another  $6.00..... so my total cost for refinishing our dining set was $18.00.

 Much better than what we would have spent on buying a new set.... 

BEFORE: Okay, don't judge, we have three kids and this set has been around for 7 years now. Yes, I do clean the chairs.... but it's impossible to get them to look "new". 
I know, gross. :(
Chipped parts on the chairs wood stain.... 
 BEFORE of our dining set. Very dark and blah.... 
Halfway through the project.... seat removed, and wood stain sanded down.
AFTER: Tyler was leery about leaving the table dark and having the chairs white, but I think it balanced nicely. Not TOO much of any one color. 
So much brighter! 
AFTER: Chairs are now white with new seat coverings. 
It's been about a month now and they still are clean. (Thank you heavy duty plastic!) 
And as a side DIY project, I rescued a curb chair and now it's our "extra chair". I didn't necessarily get it with the intent tot have it as part of our dining room set, but it is quite functional when we need another seat for someone. 
It sort off drives me nuts that the fabric print isn't exactly straight, we had already given my dad's staple gun back at this point, so it was stretched and attached with small nails, BUT it works for now. 
Total cost for this chair? $2.00. 
Beat that! :)

And now that we've a got a lovely refinished dining set our food looks so much more appetizing. 
Our homemade BBQ Chicken , green peppers, tomatoes, garlic, onion, mozzarella cheese, and cilantro pizza. It was SO yummy. Tyler even complimented me on the cilantro part. I can't take any credit it was a pinterest recipe... but definitely one we will be making again. And, of course, with pizza... the topping combinations are endless... 
What's your favorite pizza combination? 

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Brooke said...

that's awesome, Kati! I love DIY projects. I always feel so good about myself when something turns out well. That plastic is a great idea - our chairs are starting to look pretty nasty, and then the clean up is always really annoying!

That pizza looks SO GOOD. I think I'm going to need to copy you and make some! I really love pizza with pineapple on it, so I usually try to find a way to add some ;)