Friday, August 9, 2013

Day in Damascus

We went the usual end of July event: Day in Damascus. 
Quincy actually braved doing the pony ride this year, without coaxing or persuasion from me. 
He looks pretty proud of himself, doesn't' he? 
Zayden is slowly warming up to the concept of being in close proximity of real life animals without freaking out. 
Here Mr. Goat, eat me piece of hay... 
The boys won those sunglasses at the Key Bank booth, they were both pretty happy about having new shades on such a sunny day. 
Look at my 3 crazy boys... all climbing UP that slide... and little Z, who's not about to be left out, attempting to do the same... 
He gave it a tremendous amount of effort, but could not make it up. 
This booth was new and the boys liked trying to shoot balls into the hoops. B had a hard time. Despite Tyler trying to encourage him to shoot over hand verses under hand, he does not listen. Thus his shots were a little all over the place. 
Quincy actually made 2 out of 3. 
He was pretty proud. 
We also got a bunch of new books... at the usual Clackamas County Library booth, my personal favorite. Fifty cents for 3 books? Now, THAT'S the kind of price I like. We've read these new books hundreds of times already, so well worth the "splurge" in my opinion. Maybe next year Tyler won't be working a half day and then having to help out and we can just show up for his scheduled time to volunteer instead.
 It was still a successful day of fun! 

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