Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Duck... goose!

We went to a new park and discovered some ghetto looking ducks. 
We have never seen these crazy looking kinds of ducks before. 
The boys were thoroughly entertained, especially Zayden. 
Next time we'll bring bread. 
Is this not the creepiest looking duck ever? 
It looks like a sick turkey, but it's not.
 It's just a psychotic looking duck. 
The boys thought this duck was really funny. 
Quincy told us that it looks like it has a cotton ball on his head! 
After we had spent enough  time at the duck pond we went over to the playground where the boys spent a good portion going down the slide and swinging on the swings. 
I love this face on Zayden, it's his crazy happy face! 
This is one of my favorite pictures I was able to capture while they were playing. 
I love they were trying to help Z go down the slide and holding his hands.
 And I REALLY love the fact that they are ALL smiling.
 Such sweet moments. 

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whit said...

Your boys are sooo stinking cute!