Friday, August 9, 2013

My little Affair

Oh summer, how we have a love- love relationship. 

I love your sunshine.
I love your warm weather.
I love the abundance of activities I can take my kids to do outside.
I love that my house stays a little cleaner cuz my kids live outside all day.
I love the fresh juicy fruit that's in season.
I love late evening family walks. 
I love seeing my kids run through sprinklers.
I love fresh flowers I can pick up off the side of the road for a few bucks. 
I love eating cool treats, or fresh fruit to cool off. 
I love BBQing because it's too hot to cook inside. 
I love the summer glow our pasty white skin gets. 
I love picnics. 
I love all the vegetables growing in my garden. 
I love running through the grass with my bare feet.
I hope you stick around just a LITTLE bit longer..............
And so do my kids. 

1 comment:

whit said...

I love summer TOO! And I adore your little boys. I was hoping for a third boy but I'm also super happy with a little girl too. :) Enjoy the rest of your sunny days!